A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sadness hits the Forest

As some of you know I am a very happy person...Even when I'm not feeling it, I can usually project it simply because I like to see people smile.
I've not been able to do that these last few days...all I feel is the need to cry. So why would I even post you ask? Trust me, I thought about it...but the only way I know to heal, it to try and get back into my daily routine.
This Blog is a part of what I do that I enjoy.
On Wed. August 24, 2011 I had to say good-bye to a beloved and cherished friend. My horse EMMA..
The details aren't important unless you're a horse person. Whats important to me is that she went peacefully and surrounded by love. She is out of pain but she left a void in my heart and took a tiny piece of me with her. When you treat your pets like children, like family, you have to expect this feeling of loss.
I am so blessed with the most understanding and supportive of friends...Not sure I would have been able to even come this far, had I not had the comforting words of so many.... I thank you  all (and you know who you are) for being there when I needed you most.
I've sat here looking around my studio (or the mess I call my studio) and while I know it needs to be cleaned and organized, all I want to do is play. I want to create something. I think my mind is hungry to dwell on something creative and less heart breaking...So who knows what I'll come up with .
My children live on Long Island. My daughter in a  flood zone (near the ocean) where evacuation is Mandatory and my son in Nassau County, the direct HIT area. Needless to say I am worried about all.
We are expecting some hard winds and rain from the event even up here in the mountain.
I pray Irene blows out to sea before she even sees Long Island.... See how cathartic writing is? All of a sudden there is a lot more then my grief to be concerned about.
Oh and then there are the fairies and such...Oh my, even a light breeze catches their wings and turns them up side down....You really didn't think I'd sign off without at least trying to make you smile?

My Angel Emma

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  1. Hi Sweetie,

    Please accept my condolences on the passing of your beloved horse Emma. I know you really care about all your animals and you work really hard to keep them feed, safe and loved!
    Hope Irene didn't cause any damage in your area. I was praying for YOU and YOURS and EVERYONE ON THE EAST COAST.
    Lots of Healing hugs!