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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Shadow Walker Goes Home

You may remember the other day I had promised to post pic's of Ciera (Gaelic for dark) the goth doll that is now living with Kai (the home she was destined for).
I would like to explain Ciera and her companion and spirit guide, Sionnach (Gaelic for Fox). Sionnach also has a friend who travels with him... a tiny Butterfly (which you all know is me in disguise LOL).
All were born in the Enchanted Forest into a life I knew little about. Ciera is a Shadow Walker a spirit of the night . Her mission, along with other Shadow Walkers is to catch nightmares before they invade the dreams of humans. They have a success rate of 90% I'm told. Ciera uses a dream catch like some of her friends , while others use nets fashioned from spiderwebs.. You never see them because they are fast and wear cloaks of black satin sprinkled with moon dust. During the day, they reverse their cloak to purple and then sleep among the purple flowers, totally unseen. Did you ever walk in the woods and think you spied something from the corner of your eye? A fleeting shadow perhaps? It could have been a Shadow Walker.
So let me describe Ciera.. she is about 13" tall, dressed in black with a small about of purple (so she blends with the flowers and the shadows) Her dress has small crystals to add that little twinkle of moon light. In her left hand she caries a silver dream catcher and in her right she holds a leash connected to Sionnach. She has black fingernails fashioned from carefully cut drinking straws. She wears a silver chain especially designed for her (clasp and all) She wanted something symbolic, so she requested a Butterfly (her maker) from that hangs a cross to symbolize Faith (plus it's very GOTH), a heart to symbolize Kai's love of life , the people who love her and those she loves back, and an angel (which is my trademark charm) that tells Kai, Ciera was made for and Angel. She is pictured with her purple cloak and also in her night time black side. Sionnach is at her side in his bed and sitting on his bed is his companion Kalina (the butterfly).
Kai seemed quite thrilled and said she loves her. I hope you enjoyed the adventure of her existence.
Okay I just went to add the pic's and it wouldn't work so I will try another way...


  1. Hi Kathie,

    Have missed hearing from you. :(
    I love the Goth doll that you made for Kai. I am sure she loves her too. The little fox is adorable.

  2. Saw her over at Kai's blog. Wonderful job and I really love her name and her story:)