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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guess who is baaaack

WOW!! It seems like forever. I have been down on Long Island all this time. Of course it had to heat record breaking temps while I was there. That and the humidity grrrr I had to wear a head band  or deal with sweat in my eyes. Tripped over my own to feet , hit my shoulder and bent my pinky back...so I started my cleaning rampage as a wounded Kathie...Never let it be said that I allow things to get too dull. Early Sunday morning I got flipped out of my air mattress (don't even ask) while sound asleep...clobbered my head, full force on a 1950's chrome trimmed chair at the same time whacking my hip on an old claw footed table...aside from being wedged between the mattress and the only two pieces of furniture in the room...I've got knee's I can't put pressure on...Oh it was delightful and I'm sure quite the comical scene (I must admit to laughing at myself).. I came home to Rich with a split opened ear, a very large bump on the side of my head and a huge black and blue on my leg..other then that...I'm as perfect as always LMAO!!!
the good news is that I did a lot  while I was there..not just cleaning but also crafting. Amazing how much you can do when you have no TV, No computer and you leave your Kindle at home...I was reading receipts I was so desperate.
I made and redesigned a bunch of stuff that slowly I will share...Since I did not send out my doll yet...I was hoping on some translation (don't ask) from Kai...I really don't want to post a picture of her...However , I can show you her face because it's the entire doll that truly tells the story. I also finished  another swap...We were supposed to take and 8X10 picture frame and make a sewing tray...My frame ended up 10X13, I used spools but different from what others did and I added spool "feet" on the tray...I was looking for Shabby Chic and think it all worked...I worked a pocket into the quilt pattern to hold buttons and a cute gold scissor...Threads are tied on a ribbon and the strawberry pin cushion is also removable...It's crackle glazed and I'm happy with it.
I also finished my Match Box Vacation...I started the trip at my home where my partner got to have her own guest suit...bedroom, sitting room and bath. She explored my property and then we visited NY City and all it had to over...Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Yankee Stadium, Wall Street...we even took a handsome cab...Then we went to my Long Island house, got an oyster shell from Oyster bay, saw the Long Island Duck and the Light house...She finished her vacation with a trip over Bear Mountain bridge, Niagara falls and a visit to a local goat farm (where she got goat milk soap from) and a local Maple syrup house (where she got maple syrup) It was a fun project to decorate the match box with the four seasons I love and then mag a fabric sack to hold  everything, including a matchbook picture book of her trip and an I LOVE NY candy jar filled with butterscotch. I will be posting my "vacation" as soon as it arrives...meanwhile I'll show you  a pic of what I sent.
So all in all it has been an exciting, if not a bit painful, trip. I'm back and looking forward to dedicating more time to this Blog as well as to the things I hope to make and or finish. Keep smiling :-)

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  1. You've been very busy. Sorry to hear about your mishaps but, you didn't break anything so that was a good thing. Your doll face is beautiful. I like her hair too:)