A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hell Hath no Fury

like Mother nature...it's hot as hell and I'm told it's even hotter in other parts of the land. I worry so much about the critters.People stay in AC and  don't think the animals feel this...They do, they sweat, they die of heat and lack of water...Oops there I go again...my brain drifting from the Happiness that abides here in the enchanted forest to those unfortunate forgotten ones. I know in my heart that anyone reading this is as worried as I am.
I have spent some time out in this heat. Wetting down the farm animals and exercising my dogs in the pond (which they love) but even they know when they've had enough. Mostly I have been playing in my Studio, which is like a refrigerator. Have I mentioned hating heat ?
I have not been very good with Blogging or e-mail and I do apologize to all  those I've neglected. I wanted to get things done before heading back down to Long Island. I do so tomorrow. I have limited  computer access  while down there but any time I get a chance I will touch base with this Blog. There are so many of you with beautiful Blogs that I haven't been to in a while...I really have to get better with my time management. I always seem so BUSY...why is that?
I've gathered some projects to work on while down on the Island. I get up early, work like a crazy woman, take a shower at 4 pm, eat dinner then play. I HAVE to have my play time or I get 'mean'. After 30 years in one place things do have a way to accumulate. I wish I could just close my eyes and throw...but I can't...so I won't complain about the time it's taking. Hey, I was 47 dollars richer my last trip...Did I mention that I have a  tendency to hide money...like in books, magazines etc. Perhaps I used them to mark a page.
Today I made a sack to hold the "Match Box Vacation" I didn't want my partner to miss anything, so now it's all contained.
Not sure if I mentioned it, but when I took my beautiful frame out of the package it was plastic ewe!! It was real pretty and the holes even went well but I couldn't get beyond the plastic. I had a real pretty wood frame that I bought for a family picture....it was sacrificed to the swap LOL now instead of silver gilded it's shabby chic. I love it, hope my partner does too.
My Goth doll...now she has been a trip every step of the way. When I showed her to Rich he said "She has beautiful eyes Hon, but she looks dead" I yelled 'Yesssss". I'm sure he thinks I'm nuts. He was with me when I was telling a local shop owner about the doll  and what Rich said and she said "Wow! Looks like you nailed Goth" he looked at both of us like we were nuts. Men just don't get us...
In between, I'm taking notes for my mannequin swap...maybe I'll just hang a bunch of nuts on her LOL
Going to just throw in some pic's I took of sketch stuff and dolly parts..Can't let the whole cat out of the bag yet can I ? Hope everyone is having as much fun as I am...I'll miss all of you while I'm away..please drop in  just in case I get a chance to Blog.


  1. Hi Kathie Sweetie,

    So nice to know you are doing well just very busy . Yes, it is HOT everywhere now. :( I know how hard you work taking care of all your animals but it is nice to see you have been having fun too.
    Hugs and take care.
    I uploaded more photos of my trip to Spain if you would like to see them and please leave a comment. :)

  2. Your face doodles look very cool. I guess we will just have to be patient to see what your Goth doll looks like :)

  3. I just got home at 1 A.M., AND - WAAAHHHH! - now YOU'RE going away! I will wait till Saturday when Mar leaves to answer your email and I have TONS to tell you! Get the forklift out! LOL! In the meantime, I think you are a ROCK STAR for taking such great care of your animal friends! I'm ABOUT to have something to say to the people down the street who just toss their 3 cats outside in the heat all day while they are at work, and the poor kitties roam the neighborhood looking for water & FOOD. GRRRR! Ray & I are ALWAYS putting fresh water for them. I sneak them kitty food when I KNOW they are nearby, but I worry about them all the time. Oooops! Getting off my soapbox now. LOVE YOU & CAN'T WAIT to see the doll! I'm HAPPY 'cause she will be mine, mine, mine!