A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Having fun in the Forest

I recently had a visit from my DGD Krista, which is why I haven't had time to post. We love exploring the enchanted forest and find such magical things...Of course we are always on the look out for "Fairy tears" (they look a lot like those little glass drops you see in fish tanks) but Krista and I see them much differently :-)
I was a bit disappointed that I never got any word from my swap partner about the paper doll fairy. My Grandmother used to say "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" That quote comes to mind as I wonder why she didn't at least say she got it...Oh well, I was completely out of my comfort zone on that one so I completely understand.
My Matchbox has been a hoot. I spent the week-end with my DDIL gathering local things...like goat milk soap, Maple syrup etc. I suddenly realize this is a BIG state and there is a lot of ground to cover. But it's a lot of fun. I feel like I'm taking a vacation while putting it all together.
I have finally decided on a design for my Gothic doll swap. She looks beautiful in my head, I'm hoping she comes out as lovey in person. I always love working on dolls...my little fairy friends twirl around me and seem to whisper to the unborn doll...Soon she tells me her name and that's always a point of excitement to me.
There is another swap in the process and that's a mannequin that will be embellished to project our personalities..LOL first thing that came to my mind was a mannequin with nuts hanging all over it LMAO
but then I realized I do go far deeper then that. I think it's going to be a ton of fun to see what people come up with. there is a great deal of talent in that group.
My DGD also got to meet Nellie. one of my resident deer. She wasn't totally trusting of a young child, but she did come close enough to send Krista into a state of awe and wonder. She also brought the babies out, which was another trip for my visiting family.
My little fox came out an hour after they left. I guess that was his way of telling me he doesn't like company.
My wish for every one is that they can have a place like this that brings them peace and comfort. If not, feel welcome to visit me in virtual reality and share the experience.
Wishing all of you a Blessed day.......


  1. I'm soooooo in awe of your beautiful fairyland! I didn't realize you have a fox there, too! I LOVE them! (I also enjoyed that email you sent - and I kept it - the one with the cute lil' puppy in the batter bowl and the kitty & bird!!!) I know your vacation box is going to be amazing! That was a HARD one for me because I've never done a matchbox swap! As for your Goth doll, I am 100%-PLUS certain your partner will LOVE her 'cause I'M that partner! LOL! As for your fairy swap partner, I can bet money (and I'm too poor so I NEVER bet money - LOL) that she loves your fairy! She was away for the weekend so I imagine she will contact you soon! Okay! Off I go to - you guessed it - edit some more. Sigh. Tell your deer and ALL the lovely animals there that I said, "Hie tai!" (It means, 'Hello, friends!' LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Hi Kathie...just dropping in to see what you are up to and I see that you are having lots of fun and keeping busy. Take care:)

  3. Hi Kathie,

    Love your post and I am so happy you spent time with Krista!