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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Frogs Lesson

Oh I bet your all waiting for me to start that old tale about the scorpion and the frog..NOPE!!
Last night I had a meeting and as any of you country people know...If you are on a country road after 9 pm, you are pretty much alone. Farmers are well into their sleep.
So I'm driving down the road and up in the distance I see a little critter. Now I'm a bit of a cowboy, safe but far from a slow driver. So I approach this critter, turns out to be a frog, pretty fast.
That little guy was on a mission, hop then reach, hop then reach...I'm sure my lights coming at him were a bit alarming, probably more so when I stopped. Now you may ask yourself why I'd stop for a frog..Well why not? There wasn't any one on the road and if someone was coming up they would have slowed down to see what was wrong...cuz that's what country folks do. But as I watched that critter reach and hop to the other side of the road, I thought to myself that his life wasn't much different then mine. Or any one Else's for that matter. We spend out lives reaching and hopping. Life is full of paths and each road we cross, we find another..it may lead to marriage, companionship, a new job etc. but we are always on the move to get to the other side of the road. Sometimes we may get hit by the pains of life, rolled over and not given a second thought while there are other times a friend will stop and shine a light into the darkness and help us along our way. I pondered those thoughts as I drove home. I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful friends that are always there to light the darkness.
Now speaking of darkness does anyone know what GOTH is all about LOL This is the first time I have found myself researching a swap doll. LOL I find the culture fascinating, if not a bit frightening. I can assure you I am not making huge holes in her ears or piecing anything.
As I was working I  found myself gazing around my room at all the things I've acquired over the years from all my sweet friends...Did I mention how blessed I feel?
It's no wonder I find comfort in my studio. If I was that frog, this would be my light in the darkness :-)
I hope everyone had a very productive day.....

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  1. Okay now, lil' girl! It's no FAIR making me cry first thing in the day! LOL! We are SO much alike! I love froggies, too! Always have! And I strongly suspect you would always be the person who stopped to check on some or shine a light to guide them. I think you are pretty darned wonderful! What? You KNEW I did? GOOD! I'm going to keep telling you, too' because I am well aware that I'm really lucky to know you! LOVE YOU!!!!