A Very Merry Christmas to All

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trust is a beautiful thing

31 years of dealing with dogs and cats and I was never bitten. My vet finds that odd....I've had a lot of odd situations involving animals and I think it all boils down to trust.
Several years back (7) Daisy, our resident deer had a baby doe we called Nellie we watched her grow, saddened when her Mom seemed to turn her away to take care of her new fawn. Nellie grew up a loner but she spends all her time right here with us, never straying too far. I think she knows she is safe here and she knows if she stays inside the electric fence the coyotes won't bother her either...She always gives birth to twins and we watch them grow and then join herds and leave. Of course in winter Nellie has a lot of friends because she has food in abundance and in Spring she introduces us to her mate, but for the most part she is alone. Over the past two years she has become very close to me, something I tried to discourage for fear she would trust humans...But when I have company I see she DOESN'T trust humans, just me. In the morning when I feed the peacocks she comes running to the sound of the MULE. I talk to her and warn her when my dog are out...she seems to understand so much. This is the first year she has allowed the twins to come close to me. Now I know she truly trust me (probably figures if all the fairies and trolls and wood spirits trust me, why not) I have several friends from several different American Indian tribes, my friend Joan (one feather) said that when a wild animal trust you it means you have a pure heart. She said it is something only animals can sense...True or not true I love the reasoning behind it and I would like to think that the animals sense that I love and would protect them at all cost. Now I don't expect the entire world to buy that explanation, nor do I expect the world to LOVE animals to the extent I do...I would just like to see people  respect animals and their place in society...be kinder and more considerate. When I see a child being cruel I always ask them...what if that frog was very big and was squeezing you? What if  you were in the cage and the dog was poking you with a stick...How would you feel? It's amazing to see the look on their little faces. What if we were the prey? Needless to say , you know I enjoyed Planet of the Apes LOL
I ask you to look into the eyes of Nellie and tell me you could do her harm. I'm looking for names for the fawns so feel free to give me some input....I look at this picture, Nellie is actually looking at my husband in the window...she seems to not care at all about me taking pictures...Trust is indeed a beautiful thing..


  1. I'm sorry if this is a repeat, because I tried earlier to post a comment. I'm sure you've a wonderful and good spirit; my thoughts is that you are known to Nellie from another lifetime. I know, I know no one really believes in reincarnation and in some circles it is a taboo to mention such a belief. It has become a belief because of connections with people who are strangers to me, but the feeling of knowing someone who you've not met in this life is an overwhelming experience. Anyhoo, two names that come to mind are Angel and Raphael ... I don't know if you identified their sex...lol.

  2. You are a treasure. Really! I wish you and Chirp AND Pam were all near enough to go with me this Friday through next Monday to my friend MaryBear's. She already adores Chirp & would SO love you & Pam. Nellie is gorgeous & her fawns would be such a joy to watch! I'm terrible with names unless they come to me naturally so ...! LOVE YOU & WILL email later!

  3. Good grief! I forgot to ask about that wagon in the picture!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!! I want one of those! LOL! Can't you just SEE me plodding along the streets of Houston sitting atop that? I don't drive (a car) but I'd sure as heck drive that!!!!