A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, July 2, 2011

They arrived at their New Home

So now I can discuss them. But first I must tell you I had forgotten about the community garage sale YIKES!! As if I hadn't had enough sorting out trash from treasure. I made $67 on stuff that would have been thrown away anyway, so I think I will donate it to the animal shelter for food. Actually I'll just buy the food and drop it off.
So let me tell you about my exciting mail from Pam, my swap partner for the Bugs. The first bug to pop out of the package was Pam's version of the Twirl-a-wing, done in a kind of macrame` and beads. also included with them was a bracelet which I slipped on and failed to photograph. next was a pretty paper Butterfly whose body was made of waxed twine. Then we had a bookmark (you all know how I love to read and tend to use a lot of book marks) cover with my favorite bug of all...the Butterfly, she also sent along a little goodie of note paper. It was delightful swapping with Pam and she seems happy with her gift from the enchanted forest.
Also not related to any swap was a "feel good" Happy Mail gift from my friend Kai...I book mark with my initials done in counted cross stitch. In the picture I took it looks white so my friend is going to take a picture so it will show the work Kai did.
I have been one very blessed person. There have been a number of  angels I have met along the way that have filled my life with such color and Joy...I can't even begin to put into words the happiness that some of you have brought into my life and continue to do so each and every day. I have also been blessed with wonderful swap partners that truly go out of their way, go that extra mile, to send me something I will treasure  forever.
Sometimes I wish everyone could live in this magical place...Good and wondrous things happen here, the least of which is fabulous people coming into my life.
Let go post the pictures of my bugs to Pam and her treasures to me so you can all enjoy them............

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  1. Isn't Pam the sweetest EVER? I just LOVE her! You two are both such wonderful human beings & it makes me glad to know you've 'met'!