A Very Merry Christmas to All

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A New Fairy in the Forest

I was completely blown away this morning . As I had just opened a piece of e-mail from Kai I heard Rich yell "Mail Call, you've got a big box here". He had just come home from the P.O...e-mail could wait as I raced to the living room. What I found in the box was the most amazing fairy.
The swap was a "Paper fairy" that's all Kai would say and it was the only direction she gave "Make a paper fairy" OMG!!! My talents do not go in the direction of paper anything and I thought about not joining. But folks who know me know I love a challenge. Sorry to say I do not think I met that challenge very well after seeing what Kai made of paper.
Her name is Eka-Nape meaning Red Foot..not because she has red feet (she doesn't) but because she walks the Red Road, believes the old ways and lives the life of a traditional Comanche person as much as possible. She is a spirit woman that attracts Shapeshifters and she came with Esa- wolf. Right now they are resting on a big K (which could stand for Kai or Kathie LOL) Tomorrow will be soon enough to introduce them to the rest of the fairies, wood spirits, troll etc. They are at peace now, knowing they have found the perfect home.A home not only where they are welcome, but where they are held in high esteem.
It is difficult for me to even post the pictures of my Paper fairy, but I will...It is a perfect way to show the difference between someone who embraces Paper art and someone who doesn't have a clue. Kai told me to make a Paper Doll and that's exactly what I did :-( not a testament to the talented person you all seem to think I am...But I am Happy (I think) with my Vacation in a match box...That was fun...
Speaking of Fairies Donela is knocking on my window and pointing (Donela means "dark haired Elfin girl")She is letting me know that Nellie (a resident deer) has her twins out and is looking for food...Have to run...
Enjoy looking at Eka-Nape and Esa.


  1. I am such a big ol' baby! I CRIED yesterday when I got your beautiful email. I REALLY wanted to make you happy & was so afraid my weird idea of a paper fairy would make you think I'm NUTS. Then you said all those beautiful things, and ... sniff, sniff ... sob! Relief! LOL! I'm TRULY glad you like her! I just NOW saw YOUR paper doll & I LOVE her!!!! So willl your partner! Thank you for being in my swaps! Thank you even MORE for being EXACTLY the wonderful person Chirp TOLD me you are! I'm so glad & proud to have you as my friend! Will be emailing later - PROMISE!

  2. Hi Sweetie,

    I love that Paper Fairy! So happy you got her. :)

  3. Wow that is so awesome. I would never have thought of making something like that out of paper. You are a very lucky lady:)

  4. You lucky girl! I love Kai's art; it's so fabulous!!!