A Very Merry Christmas to All

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Busy, Busy

But in between all the work is "FUN" busy. Yes we do work here on the mountain, there are acres of grass to mow, animals to clean up after and tend to, wild critters to tend to as well. Nothing living in the Enchanted Forest goes uncared for....nothing..even spiders are handled gently. So yesterday I cleaned out the goat pen. Easy you think? All winter long I leave hay on the floor to create warmth, it gets packed down and along with  some wee and pooh becomes quite fragrant. The pen is cleaned every day, but winter build up has to be removed comes summer. It's like pulling fibers apart that are tightly woven. 34 buckets later, it is whistle clean...I put a layer of fresh made pine bark and wow what a wonderful difference. Of course today I hurt in places I didn't remember having...but that pen is clean and the goats are happy :-)
I also worked on getting my "Paper doll" swap ready to be mailed. One of the woodland Fairies let me trace her. Then I designed clothes of paper. Problem is the woodland fairy liked the clothes so now she wants them for real...Sheesh Fairies can be a real PITA
My Vacation Match box is also almost done, just adding a few finishing touches.
I am forever saying that I am going to stop with swaps, but ya know what? It is my way of touching other people. I live a quiet (okay, not so quiet) uncomplicated (another fib) life. I keep to myself a lot (that is true) so the swaps afford me a way to have fun with others and not have to leave my mountain.
Here are two places I'd like you to check out  http://celebratingchristmasyearround.blogspot.com/
That site belongs to my friend Kai, she is the one with the Matchbox and Fairy swap, but now she also has a doll swap to sign up for...a Gothic swap which should be fun. So go check it out, her wee little brain is always busy searching for fun stuff to do.
Another fun place to visit is
My friend Norma just mentioned a mannequine swap (look in the files section) Also Cathy , the owner of the site is talking sewing tray, that sounds real interesting, made from a picture frame. Check it out.
Don't forget, if you have a site and you are having a swap, let me know about it and I'll post. Sooner or later I will get more followers and together we can form a net work of fun and new found friendships.
Oops a little wood nymph just came to the window to let me know there is a hay wagon by the barn.
300 bales of hay have to be stacked, too bad all the woodland fairies and wood spirits are so small, I could sure use their help. Have a wonderful creative day and watch for pictures of the latest swaps.

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  1. You doooooo know I just love you to bits, right? I can't WAIT to see your fairy! I mailed to my partner at 8 A.M. and sent it to her PO box (heehee) insured, confirmation delivery, and priority mail. They TOLD me it will be delivered by the 7th! Hmmmm. We'll see! How I WISH I could live near you & help you do all those things! Believe it or not, they sound FUN to me. Yes, lots of work, but work never scares me! I like it. It's satisfying to do a good job, then stand back and SEE the results! (I know - I'm a weirdo. But YOU already knew that, didn't you? LOL!) BIG, BIG HUGS!