A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Too much fun????

I must say I think I might be having too much fun with swaps. No really, there are other things to do, like clean and shop and do laundry etc. but all I seem to do is tend to my animals and then play :-)
I've run into some major snags and still I smile. I get these pictures in my head and refuse to surrender until the final touch is added..Then of course , like all of us, I wonder if my creation is "good enough". It is so seldom that I am not happy with what I get in a swap, of course there are things that are over the top that just blow me away..and every once in a while..well you know. I think we've all, at some point in time, had to deal with a swap partner that waited until the last minute..or as in my case, didn't bother at all.
I must say, since starting with doll swaps I've not seen that happen...Now I'm the one who feels I can't meet expectations because the work I see is absolutely gorgeous. But I'm here to tell you I give every swap 110% of myself..what it turns out like and how it is accepted is up to the Swap gods LOL
My Goth doll is gessoed and ready for her next step..Warning trying to give a work some texture that need gesso over it can be challenging. So much for idea's getting stuck in my head LOL It worked fine, just a bit of a PITA, if you get my drift.
I have another swap in the works, a sewing tray swap. So far the idea is working well but the frame itself is giving me a hard time. These trays are made from picture frames. Don't worry, there will be a picture...Hopefully a good one. I am a person who can take the easiest project and turn it into a nightmare...must be the kid in me...I can never take the simple way for anything.
I do hope you all have a fabulous day and take time to PLAY!!!


  1. Well, let me begin by saying that the recipient of your Goth doll is going to be ME, ME, ME! So I can guarantee you I will LOVE her! Don't you stress ONE LITTLE BIT! I believe in STRESS-FREE swapping! And not only will I LOVE her, I will feel the love YOU worked into her! Like you, I constantly worry about my stuff because I don't sew AT ALL - except horrid, jagged hand-worked stitching - and I paint badly & on and on. But I have FUN. Lots OF IT! And I really think love and fun are the most wonderful, magical things ever! They provide a shield around our art, so that people overlook the flaws and see the INTENTION! I kinda think it's that way with humans, too. I always hope if I SHOW my love & joy to people, maybe they will ignore my looks and size and millions of flaws!

  2. Hi Sweetie,

    Don't over stress. Your creations are always lovely.
    Can't wait to see a picture of it.