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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Life is Good

All days are wonderful and then there are some that surpass your  expectations.
Yesterday was one of those days. It didn't start out all that wonderful because I had to take Punkin (my choc Lab) to the Vet. I felt it was a back problem he felt it was a torn ACL so x-rays were in order and I had to leave my baby. The look on her face sent me home weeping.
As I got out of my car I began looking , once again, in the pebbles for my lost Butterfly. Rich gave me a "Just because" gift a while back. I love those kind of unexpected gifts for no special reason. These were beautiful butterfly earrings. I got so many compliments on them. A couple weeks back I lost one. The good news was that I never left the house, the bad news was it's small and flat and could have fallen anywhere. got kicked someplace or worse yet, ended up in my studio (meaning it would be lost forever). I had walked out to the car so I kept hoping it fell in the pebbles and I'd see it sparkling :-( that hasn't happened.
I decided while I waited for the Vet to call I'd work on organizing my studio (which I've been doing for several years now LOL) I've promised myself I'd get it done once and for all and I've been doing pretty good.
Of course once in my studio the creative juices began to flow. That always seems to happen in that place.
I thought it might be better if I worked on my Swap Goth doll...as I walked over to grab the fabric I needed, I had to move a pile of new fabric...as I'm doing this I'm apologizing ...to God...to myself for breaking a promise to myself..."I'm sorry, I should be cleaning but I REALLY want to make this doll". So as I move the fabric, I'm deep in thought and I hear a click sound I almost ignored...then I say 'what the heck was that' I look down and there is my Butterfly twinkling away...Oh happy day!!! The click I heard was the earring falling on a piece of plastic. Had it fallen on fabric it would still be there. needless to say I was VERY happy.
When I went to pick up Punkin it wasn't the best of news but it sure wasn't the worst. I saw the xrays as I walked in and breathed a sigh of relief, her hips and knee's looked perfect, doc confirmed that they are.
Of course then my thoughts went to her back and I'm looking at her spine for a slipped disc which is what I feared. Doc points out a bridge of bone in several places , one is impinging the nerve to her leg which is why she goes lame once in a while. It's a form of arthritis....better then what I suspected and medication will help.
She was as high as a kite but very happy to be going home. Last night I sat with her on the deck and we watched what mortals call Fireflies...of course Punkin and I know they are really beautiful little fairies carrying lanterns, but thats our secret. As I sat there looking at her glassy eyes I wondered what those "fairies " were looking like tonight LOL a twinkling blur I imagine. But there I sat Punkin on one side, Rosie and Rich on the other...Yup Life is good........

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  1. YAY for finding your earring! Don't you just HATE it when you think you've lost something special? I'm SO glad you found it! AND I'm glad your sweet doggy is not SERIOUSLY hurt or ill! Life IS good! And MY life is better 'cause YOU are in it! LOVE YOU!!!!