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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A wonderful friend

This past week has not been an easy one for me, an animal lover BIG TIME. I found out my one Lab, a Chocolate named Punkin needs surgery . Scheduled for Monday, this alone has me worried. I've got a 30+ year old horse named Big Red who's time has come. I have been nursing a bad infection in his face..Even having a dentist pull some bad teeth hasn't helped much as far as his breathing...He's laboring and I love him enough to let him go. Then two days ago my younger horse Emma began to limp, I suspected foundering because the pasture is lush and rich in carbs because of all the rain. The vet today treated her for pain, she has an infection in her hooves (rear) that we are hoping was caught on time...
Meanwhile my dear friend Cherie caught wind of all that's going on in my life and felt a surprise was in order. She knew that next week would be difficult.
Yesterday a box arrived and silly me thought I miss a deadline for the sewing trays (the box would hold a tray) I didn't even notice the return address...All that was on my mind was that I've been so caught up in life that someone wasn't getting their tray on time. Low and behold I open the box and inside was this beautiful doll...I know it was made special for me  for several reasons...Mostly  the underneath color LOL Bet you can't guess what that would be.
I have full intentions of posting a picture of the beauty whose name is Leanna (meaning  'graceful willow').
What touched my heart was the thoughtfulness. This is a very busy lady and yet she anticipated a friends grief and tried to compensate . I have been truly blessed with friends I have made on different sites and in doing swaps. I few have gone above and beyond what anyone would anticipate from an on line friends...to be so connected that a person touches your heart is what friendship is about. I am one of the luckiest ladies I know. Some people come into your heart and stay forever...Cherie is one of them...Norma, Kai, Corrine, Cathy and Stef are 5 other angels who have brightened my life along the way. Thank you all !
Have to get  back to my family (they are visiting for the County Fair)...what a week to visit huh?

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