A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Playful Moments

What happens when you wake up after being in a blue funk for weeks...You look around you and ask "What the....?" The studio you have been trying to organized is more disorganized then ever. Every flat surface is covered with stuff from about 15 different projects...Where do you start? Folks who know me, know that I have been cleaning this studio forever. Where did I go wrong? I truly think that tops should be made round, like a ball so you can't fill them up...Gosh it's like having 10 corners in a room, I'd fill them up too.
Okay, so I decided to start with just one small corner...My computer desk and it's surrounding area (which consist of many flat surfaces) Guess what? I have a carpet on the floor in that corner. Who knew? I wasn't even sure there was a floor...Thought perhaps it was just a mound of paper I was standing on. Found those coffee cups I thought Rich broke and just didn't tell me about, some bowls (no telling what they once contained) about 150 pens, about 7 pair of scissors and money...Not wealthy but I bought a pattern...it's like FREE. Speak of patterns I found a few of those I was looking for as well. Are you amazed? Me too. LOL
I found a box of tiny gourds, like I said sometimes I amaze myself. I'm talking small, like golf ball small and smaller...Decided a series of gourd dolls might be fun, so I experimented...You'll see pictures of Gourdino, my first...he was so much fun. He is smaller then a golf ball and that REAL pumpkin he is holding is smaller then a dime. He was a BD gift. I also made a purse as well as a purse charm...I'll  eventually get back to my studio Rome wasn't built in a day...There were some people I've overlooked along the way...good people that just fell between the cracks while I was over whelmed. I think they are more important then finding another floor, or carpet or...........


  1. Hi, Sweety! I JUST returned yesterday, & here I am this early morning, checking on my lil' friend! First of all, I'm VERY sorry for all you went through recently! Hasn't it been a kind of 'strange' summer? Seems as tho' we are ALL being tested! But, like you, I'm back, ready to face the world, and making a serious effort to get back into my routine so I can interact more with you & ALL the people who matter to me! LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. Hi Sweetie,
    You made me laugh when you wrote about the pile of papers in the corner of your studio and you found there was a floor underneath it all! LOL
    So happy you got that sorted through!
    OH, I LOVE GOURDINO! Just precious.
    The purse and the purse charm are nice too.
    So happy you are doing fun things again.
    Love and hugs