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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WOW!! What a trip

My son had no idea we were coming down for his BD. Hubby walks in holding a bottle telling my son he couldn't send alcohol through the mail (I wasn't there) . When asked where Mom was, hubby says she's home, I have to get back on the road. (It's a 3 hour drive from our house to his) Rich said he wished he'd had a camera because the look on our sons face was priceless. WE seldom get to surprise  our kids. Rich finally told him I was  at the house (the one we haven't sold yet on Long Island) making him his BD dinner which is Sauerbraten and potato dumplings. THAT really made his day.
We had lunch with dear friends Ellen and John and present4ed them with their quilt/wall hanging. Ellen had picked out the fabric during a trip up to visit. She knows how busy I can get and I'm sure she never expected to see it done (isn't that right Ellen?) So now I can post a picture of it.
I also finally took a pic of the adorable  post card Norma sent me in a swap. Norma does such lovely work on her cards.
The mica samples chips are done...I turned them into pendants...feel free to comment. I'm pretty thick skinned LOL I did them with Adirondack inks, which I love..the chips are glued back to back because I couldn't remove the  label ...it helped with the hanging beads :-) then I did some twisted wire to give it a pendant look.
My sewing tray swap went out yesterday. I'm looking forward to seeing the one I get. Don't worry, I'll post a pic.
I'm making Rich crazy with all these swaps. He says I'm always getting happy mail and all he gets are bills...Join a group Babe! Since some major running is out of the way, I'm hoping to be a better Blogger.
Lot's of projects on the table.
Got to take my daughter and family out for their 26 wedding anniversary and I will see them again this coming week. They are coming for a visit woohooo and next week my Grand daughter will bring her Mom and dad for a visit LOL It's a fun time of year. We get to go Pumpkin Picking!!

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  1. Hi Sweetie,

    So happy you had fun with your family. Wow what a large quilt! Those mica pendants turned out great. Thanks for uploading my Owl postcard, Happy that you like it.
    Keep well and hugs