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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm baaaack

My, my it has been a busy time. Am I the only person that feels life is in high speed mode? Seems the days are just flying by... Lot's going on in my life, not all of it good. Fortunately what IS good is VERY good.
After promising myself I would take a break from swaps for a while, I went and joined another fun group...a very busy group. I looked at their swaps, took a deep breath and kept repeating "I can't, I can't"...but I did...I joined their Santa swap. Those are always fun...you just make a small gift for anyone that joined the swap...6 people, 6 gifts. It can be a card, a pin, a charm...anything really. The only rule is that it MUST be hand made. Doesn't it seem like I will have lots of extra time on my hands to commit to such a swap? When do I EVER have extra time? When do any of us have EXTRA time? What is that anyway?
So aside from life being busy I have also been doing swaps...Those charms were a swap...Then I joined one that used Formica sample chips (funny story with that one) they are to be zipper pulls or pendants. I decided on pendants...They are only half done but I'll post a pic. I used some ink, beads and I experimented with a twisted wire thingy...You'll see.
I also sent a PC to my Birthday sister Corrine...she was my partner in a PC swap hosted by Norma. Norma is a kind and patient friend that puts up with me under the worst of circumstances, so I made her one too.
Now about the sample chips. I was going to ask at Home depot but one of the girls got a phone # for a place that had retired chips that they were willing to send. I happen to remark to Cherie (another very patient and understanding friend) that "with my luck I'll call and get 1000 of the things"...but I did call and made a point of saying I could use about 12 of them. I few days later I heard a loud THUMP on my deck...It was UPS dropping a 10 pound box of sample chips. Oh stop laughing...I plan to share the wealth when I send out my "goodie bags" so there! Not so  funny anymore is it?
So let me share the pic's of the experimental pendants , so far. Plus the Post Card swap Summers End and the spooky one for Norma...Presently I am working on a quilted wall hanging that was commissioned...I hope to  present it Friday :-) Oh the wonder of my dreams...be still my heart.

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  1. Hi Kathie,

    Thank you so much for the Halloween PC that you have uploaded here. I love it.