A Very Merry Christmas to All

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Day of Remembering

Today is a special day. Not like any other day in my life. This is the day that my Dad was taken from me much too soon. 30 years have passed and it is like it all happened yesterday. I remember every word, every feeling, every tear. This is the day my Dad started his new journey and my journey with him ended.
I guess you might say I started my own journey too. My life changed forever. There would be no more laughter over that morning cup of coffee, I lived close to my parents and every morning Dad would walk around the corner for a visit (and to see what kind of treat I made him). For a very long time after he passed, I'd look out that window in my kitchen, hoping to see him, wishing it was all a cruel joke. There would be no more stories. Oh could my Dad tell me stuff, it was like he could remember every day of his life. He'd tell me what it was like growing up dirt poor, about his time as a Marine fighting in Japan. He taught me how to do electrical work and how to work on cars. I was like his shadow.
I can't recall a time when I would say "Daddy lets go fishing, or water skiing, or skating (He taught me both ice and roller)" that he wouldn't drop everything and pack the car. He enjoyed watching me enjoy life and I am so very thankful that I had so much quality time with my father.
He was so happy to see me married to a wonderful man, so happy to watch my children growing into good people. He taught me how to sing "old Shep" and he loved me to sing it to him...One day I told him I had learned a new song and it began " he isn't much in the eyes of the world, he'll never make history, NO he isn't much in the eyes of the world, but he is the world to me...My Dad now here is a man to me he is everything strong , no he can't do wrong my Dad...." That's as far as I got before he started sobbing . I told him I would never sing it again because it made him cry. He told me they were happy tears and he hoped I would always sing it...I still do sing it and I remember my Dad proudly. He never had a harsh word for anyone, he had no enemies and he would do anything for any one. He was a fantastic son, a wonderful husband and a loving Father...it just doesn't get any better then him.
So today I take time to remember a man who touched the heart of everyone he ever met. A special man who lives on in the happy memories of his family and friends. Christmas was my Dads holiday...he loved it...there had to be a ton of gifts under the tree or he wasn't happy. He had the most beautiful smile and it glowed on Christmas Day....
I will always have a tree at Christmas. It symbolizes the glow and the beauty of who my Dad was...Christmas is a Happy time of year and I know he'd love my tree. He used to love the themes I'd pick.
So it is not with sadness that I take this day to remember, but with joy at remembering a special love that was brighter and warmer then the sun. Tomorrow I will be with my children celebrating Christmas and then looking forward to January and all the swaps that are due LOL but for today, like every Dec 27th for the past 30 years..I will remember one very special man...I miss you.

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  1. Oh Sweetie, I can relate to your story of your beloved dad! I was very close to my dad too. Especially since I am the baby of the family! We had a special bond just like you did. I remember living in New York and I was around 5 coming home one night from a long trip with my mom and dad. I made believe I was asleep and my dad carried me up and down stairs at the subway stations and then carried me all the way home. He knew I was awake but still carried me! :)
    Love and hugs and always knowyour dad is close by you everyday!