A Very Merry Christmas to All

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Crazies

Do they ever end...I told you I'd post some stuff I've done these past two days (like everyone is just sitting there waiting LOL) Oh come on you know you were.....
I belong to several art groups. One I was in had a swap, I wasn't in it but one lady that was, never got her TP tags. . So I offered to make some for her and then Cherie jumped on board and then Linda and then Sue so Mary will get more then she bargained for LOL but that's a good thing. We all work very hard on our swaps and I don't think it's being childish to ask what happened when you never get them...Some people seem to think "It's no big deal"...Yes things do get lost in the mail..I had it just happen with something I sent to a dear friend and it's true, there isn't much that can be done ...but at least try and make up for it...Do something...maybe I'm just too much of a softy. Actually I enjoyed making these for Mary..The theme was Black, Red or Cream..I hope she likes them:
Then, as if I don't have enough I'm making, DH ask if I can make "A little something for the staff at the doctors office and maybe for the hairdresser" WE give the hairdresser money but he thinks an added little gift is nice.... So I made up a Christmas floral arrangement and filled it with goodies...probably should have thrown some fruit in...maybe next year:

Last but not least...My favorite dessert is chocolate Mousse...Whats yours? I don't get it often because I don't make it and there are only two places that make it the way it should be made....This is the way I make mine



  1. You know with all the great stuff you do you should join What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday. I did today and I have some new followers:) That way I only have to post once a week if I'm busy.


  2. Your blog is your blog....you have the right to write whatever you want irregardless of what someone else is telling you to do. Stay grounded....your blog is your safe place.