A Very Merry Christmas to All

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sharing the tree

WOW!! So much is happening at Celebrating Christmas all year around, Ravenwood Whimzie, Jingles,Creativity Has No Limits etc.... I just need to set a day aside and catch up on blogs. Just because I don't post doesn't mean I don't check. I just need more time in my day.
Today was originally set aside for decorating...The phone started at 7 am and never stopped. The group Christmas party is tomorrow night and all last minute stuff had to be talked about, picked up, delivered...whatever...it just turned into a very busy day. I was able to get  some ornaments on the tree and the beads...it isn't hung properly yet and the top isn't done...or would that be the bottom? Well the bottom is on top and that's the part that isn't finished ROLFL Last year we did a 12 foot tree and the year before an 8 ft one...this one is 6 foot but it's upside down...so I guess it may look smaller. I just needed to do that tree this year...It used to be such a tradition. I do like the "Normal" tree's, but they are so ...well NORMAL...I used to have some gorgeous crystal beads that really looked beautiful. I'm thinking they are buried in the cubby in my studio. Maybe next year :-)
All my swaps and the dolly sleeping bag have been mailed (thanks Mary and Linda for your kind remarks...It always amazes me that people actually check this Blog, considering all the wonderful ones available) I'm hoping after the Holidays to restructure it and perhaps make it more interesting) But I digress...Things are mailed so now I can really concentrate on Christmas...making gifts and baking and getting everything wrapped. Hopefully by Wed. I will have the tree finished...try not to judge it too harshly, it isn't done yet.

strange huh?
I also sent out my PC today with a little poem.:
Time for furbabies, Family and friends
Time in my studio that never ends.
Things to create, parties to host,
Of all the things that Matter
Time Matters Most.

Another thing I did was make a few give away ornaments. They are captured Butterflies and look really cool when the light hits them. What do you think?
The butterflies are inside (one is outside) a flatish round ball..Making more ornaments this week...So stay tuned :-)

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  1. Hi Kathie Sweetie,
    Thanks for letting me see your upside down tree. Wow, it is unsual. :)
    I love the pc and the ornaments you are making.