A Very Merry Christmas to All

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Decorations almost done

The tree is finally done, can you tell the difference?
Well I can LOL
We did manage to get the large spruce decorated and my deck off my studio decorated. Now just some finishing touches inside the house and I'll call it done. I'm usually way done by now. Shoot, I'm still making gifts...What's wrong with THAT picture?
I'm finishing up two things right now so I'll post some pic's later.
I hope everyone will check out the group I've been most active on...It's along my side bar and its Art for the creative mind...great group...the owner runs a tight ship when it comes to swapping, but is very free spirited as far as what you do. there is  quite a variety of crafts and what you don't know how to do, they find tutorials for you LOL It's really a fun, but extremely busy group. Check it out....

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