A Very Merry Christmas to All

Friday, December 23, 2011

The HOme stretch

Whew! I think everyone is down to the wire this year. I'm always way ahead but not this year. While I would like to make more and do more, I am just plum wore out. Stick a fork in me cause I'm done!
I'm finishing up a large gourd snow person and then it is onto swaps...I started to think of what I have to do, or actually finish over the next few days and I got tired LOL
I've got my mannequin which thank goodness was done but now that I have extra time I think I'll add to it.
I've got my altered book...that threw me for a loop for a while but I think I've got it. Tin Lizzie is waiting for her do dads and I have a flip flip card that I actually made but after I flipped and flopped it a few times it really flopped, as in  'fell apart'...evidently I scored to deep LOL
I think once this Christmas Eve gathering is over, I will be a lot calmer. Right now I'm in food prep mode. What to have...well aside from the Ham and several sides...it's going to be a buffet, this way everyone gets hot food...
My recycled goldfish boxes worked out well as gift bags. The peacocks love those little snack fish and the boxes are so sturdy I hate to throw them out, so I make them into gift bags...I'll have to take a picture after I finish this snow person. Everyone laughs at me for saving trash...well who's laughing now? LOL They are spending money on gift bags and I'm recycling old boxes and Christmas cards....
If you are reading this and getting ready to start running for the day...remember to stay hydrated. If you'll be in a store there is no reason to wear heavy clothes, you'll just sweat and then get sick. So stay healthy and be happy...the crazies are almost over :-)

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