A Very Merry Christmas to All

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Can you spell Chaos

C-O-M-P-A-N-Y  LOL It really was quite nice having my kids, granddaughter and her friend Angelica here for a few days. On Sunday my sons friend also came over for a cook out with there three kids. So we had 5 children , 6 adults and 4 dogs. Not bad considering the amount of company I used to have for holidays, but when you are retired and live up on a quiet mountain, there is a certain "quiet" you become very used to.
I did get a few swaps accomplished while they were here, plus I made each girl a memory book with pictures for them to take home. problem is, I don't think I took pictures of my swaps LOL Too busy taking pictures of the girls.

Angelica loves cows, so we stopped at a friends farm so she could pet a cow. That's my Krista holding the little duck

then the girlsdecided that a glitter fight would be fun, followed by a
a powder fight, followed by a soap bubble fight which ended in a silly string fight. Oh yes, they were a mess, but the had a ball.
That would be the last half of the 50 foot slip and slide. Add 5 kids to the mix and you have a fun day. It was nice to see children being children and not sitting on the sidelines texting and playing video games.
It was a week end of good old fashioned fun.

Add to that an old fashioned tree swing and some ATV's and you've got a bunch of kids that were kept real busy and slept very well LOL

Meanwhile I finished two Christmas in July gifts, 6 envelopes with die cuts for a die cut exchange and a stick pin swap. Now I need to finish up my shell pendants, work on my Christmas Village for Raevens swap, and make up a tutorial for The Mystery Challenge taking place on my group. Oh we also have a cuff bracelet swap with an altered watch. That should be fun to do. I love the cuff bracelet I made in NZ.

This was the only thing I managed a pic of and that's because I was trying to work out a tutorial for a single TP tube mini album.
That's all she wrote folks. Hopefully I can get back to posting more often now. I've got two beautiful swaps I've received. One from Deb in Canada and one from Cherie in Utah...so stay tuned and be prepared to drool LOL..Thanks for stopping by.

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