A Very Merry Christmas to All

Thursday, July 24, 2014

It's Been a while hasn't it?

Just the summer crazies, some illness along the way and of course the never ending story of Rosie. Every time I think it's over, she proves me wrong.
I just realized that there are some things I have made and don't have pictures of and some swaps I've received and never took pictures. I think the old brain has gone on a vacation .
I really haven't done much in the way of crafting. Not that I have pictures of anyway. The only thing I managed to take pic's of before sending on their way was the shell stuff. We had to make charms SEA related.
I thought I took finished pictures. I didn't. But these are made on shrinky Dink plastic and then I added some sea glass beads. The other 10 were bottle caps with an underwater starfish field and a real starfish (tiny) under diamond glaze, also with sea glass beads added. <sigh> I wish I had taken pictures, they were cute.
Then we also had to make Pendants from sliced shells. I made 2 groups of 6.
I took Formica sample tags and painted them with SILKS, then added the sliced shell plus 3 baby shells and gave the shells as well as the border a touch of 24K gold. Added a gloss of diamond glaze and that was that.
On the next 6 I used copper wire and iridescent beads, hung an antique pearl with rhinestone dangle and a blue crystal bead in one of the opening. Gave it a touch of 24 K gold and called it done..
The best part about my studio is all the windows I have. The one I like best is the one looking out at the "feeding rock", the best part about summer is that I get to watch the babies born in Spring finally coming down and learning to eat under the watchful eye of Mom.This is Lily (daughter of  Daisy) with her yet un  named fawn. We aren't sure if it's a girl or boy yet. She brings it close, but not close enough yet to check the sex.
It's a pretty big baby compared to some of the others, so I'm thinking boy. It's one of the perks of living so far away from other humans. The animals  here are not afraid of us, but they are of other humans which we are very happy about. Not all humans want to shoot them with a camera.
I'm working on lots of things, so  come on back soon, ya hear? Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Beautiful shell pendants Kathie, how do you slice them like that? They are lovely. What an adorable fawn, our wee spotted babies are starting to make their appearances around here too. Love seeing the newest generation! Hope Rosie is OK now and that you are too. Take care of both of you! {Hugs}, Deb

  2. So good to see you here. As you can see by e-mail I was worried about you.
    We take Rosie day by day. Today she is having a good day.Who knows what tomorrow brings. I love the little wee ones. Everything up here has babies, birds, deer, turkeys,coyote's, foxes, bunnies LOL well you get the picture. It's fun to watch except when the Hawks are out and about, then I worry. I guess they have to feed their babies too :-(
    Happy you wrote.