A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Remember the story about my swap partner for the initial ? I was so worried. As it turns out , she does like the beach and shells and seems very, very happy with her initial. You can usually tell by the way people thank you if they really liked something and I'm sensing that she truly liked it and appreciated the time that went into it. She also mentioned it being special because of my NZ treasures. That is important to me, letting go of the treasures I collected was hard, so to know they will be enjoyed really makes me happy.
So I haven't done very much since my last post other then clean and organize my studio. What a job and far from over. I had a Butterfly charm swap. My first thought was to make it easy. I have butterfly charms, add a bead and be done. Do I ever do easy?
I made 10 of these. First sizing down the butterflies for both sides. That round one was a bugger.After the inside of the scrabble tile was painted I glued the flat side (bigger Butterfly) Butterfly, distressed the edges and gave it a coat of 3D Glaze, I domed the second coat and gave it 3 days to cure. I wasn't taking any chances. Next I glued in the tiny round and gave that a coat of 3D glaze, then another when it was dried..Note the bubble? I forgot to hit it with the heat gun :-( Add a pin with a silver finding, a jump ring and call it done.
This is a post it note holder, for another swap. I actually enjoyed this because it was so easy..They make nice little R.A.K.'s They could really be decorated much more but I try to keep swaps flat and easy to mail.
I believe I posted a picture of the Banner I made. This is one I got from Karina. Much different from the others I've gotten. It is so delicate, sort of shabby chic in design. Love it...
I posted my TP rolls and these are two I have received so far.
 This one on the left has 3 folds. Not like the usual tag holder. I love unique. It has tags all over the place, now I'm sorry I made mine so simplistic.You can tell the things I'm not used to doing. They often fall short of what the could have been <sigh> Always well made but these two are really wonderful. The pink one by Jan has a little note envelope on the front...Nice touch. So as you can see the Happy mail just keeps coming.
Rich ran to the PO today but I figure it will be all Fathers Day stuff anyway...

Oh, guess what these are?
Remember I told you Jeannie was having Christmas in July? I had to make 25 of a number 3 and send them to her. She took every ones numbers (that's 25 sets folks) and made sure we all got a set that we will open each day, starting with July 1...They are all wrapped so pretty. It is just something to have fun with. I think we need more fun in our lives, don't you?
So that's my show and tell for today. Back to work I go . Organizing sure is a pain. I have two things of paper clay somewhere. I need them. Do you know where they are 'cause I sure don't LOL
Thanks for stopping by.....

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