A Very Merry Christmas to All

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Something Done

Boy, it is difficult to work and play at the same time. trying to declutter my studio teehee that tickles me to even say it. Also working on swaps and challenges.
So the challenge was to make something from a clothes pin. Meet Dapper Duck
He's a little bit punky, his wings are actually metal leaves but you'd never know it. Bad picture. I first had the clothes pin reversed so he could have held something in his mouth, but I liked the look of a "quacker" so too bad how he holds things.
He has a purpose and that's all that matters. I met the challenge and can cross it off my "to do list".
My charm group has a seaside charm swap..Things you'd find on the beach. Not sure you'd find a goldfish on the beach LOL but I will add some beach glass and it will work.
I think my kids were 5 the last time I played with Shrinky Dinks but I signed up for 2 sets of 10 and I know what I'm doing for the other set. I've been wanting to try the shrinky dink thing and I'm happy I did. Then charms should be cute when done. Sorry I didn't get the white stuff...this clear stuff doesn't show as well.
So that's about all I did yesterday. Well that and make some more faces and organize a shelf in my studio.
Onward I go. It's like Christmas!! I keep uncovering things I had forgotten I had. That's the fun part about cleaning (if there is a fun part)
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Dapper Duck is just so adorable, love him! I've never worked with shrinky dink, heard of it but never used it. Yet another new medium to try! And I discovered all kinds of goodies I'd forgotten I had when I did a little tidy up, I solemnly swear to not buy anything new until I use up all I have. ROFLOL, like that will ever happen!