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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Different Directions

As an artist/crafter do you find yourself going in many different directions or am I the only one who can't stay focused? I have so many things on the drawing board at different stages of completion. Please tell me I'm not alone.
On my own group  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mixedmediastudio/ I started a mystery challenge. It will eventually be something wonderfully spooky. I told everyone to get a show box so I could give them things to gather. Like a scavenger hunt. So far they have a pringles container and today they have to look for something that looks like spider webs, not to mention digging out any spiders they may have collected along the way. Oh stop laughing. Tell me you don't have at least one spider in your collection of 'stuff'.As I was thinking about this challenge and I thought 'spiders' I wondered where I would purchase them at this time of year. Then I began looking...YIKES!! I don't even like the little suckers but you'd never know it by my collection. I have spider charms of all sizes, sticker spiders, plastic spiders and even ones I made from pipe cleaners and others I made from beads...Holy cow!! I will be posting tutorials on things to make as well as some pictures people may want to use, so stick around and play even if you aren't a member of my group.
If you're not, why not? It's a fun group.
Mean while I want to get back to making dolls, figured I'd make up some faces. These are from Sherry Goshen molds.

At this point I'm not sure it is the molds or the clay (paper clay) but I'm not happy!! Seems I have to work real hard to get things smooth and paintable. I'm probably better off painting my own faces. Even if I use these they all always come out different somehow...nothing is cookie cutter that's for sure. I am excited because Cherie agreed that we really should start having a doll swap each quarter..Something unusual so now I have that thinking cap on LOL My head isn't big enough for all these hats.
My friend Norma is in the hospital so I made her a little post it note thing. Actually it was something  I had to do for another group and it was so much fun to make that I thought Norma might like one.

Kind of cute huh? She likes birds . I wanted to keep it easy to pop into the mail. Normally I go crazy with embellishments, but I mail so much out with all these groups that I'm learning..I can keep it simple and still embellish. I hope she likes it.

So that's about it for activity today. On my way to Binghamton for an Endoscopy, they are always so much fun...NOT!!! But Barrett's Esophagus dictates that I have one every year. Just one more thing on my to do list.
Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a glorious day.

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  1. Ummm, no, you are not alone Kathie, I have so many irons in the fire that the house is about to burn down! Projects everywhere, notes on pieces of paper littering the counters, collections of embellishments, sticky notes all over the computer ... it's a sickness I tell you! And I have many more spiders than I thought I did too, ick! Can't wait to find out what you have up your sleeve for the mystery challenge, I am intrigued :O) Can't help you with the face molds as I always seem to have a heck of a time getting a clean impression, I'm sure that there is some trick to it but I've yet to figure it out. Hope that Norma is on the road to recovery and what a lovely card you made for her. That reminds me, where did I put that note to make Norma a card?!! Hope your throat is feeling better now, egasts are no fun but yes, very important to have when you have Barrett's esophagus. Have a lovely week! Deb