A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Just call me crazy

LOL I went to the thrift store to purchase my "Doll" a summer outfit. She had been wearing a gown for the Holidays. Enough already with the Bling. She seems a lot more comfortable now.
Oh stop laughing. You know you always wanted a mannequin but were always afraid to say something for fear of sounding crazy. I wanted one as a kid. My parents thought I was nuts and when they checked out the prices tried to get a rich family to adopt me. I was an only child until my brother came along 9 years later. He was my "doll" for a few years until he started following me around. Now in retrospect I should have just asked for a Chatty Kathie LOL Her name is Sabrina and she is a perfect size 6, I hate her. She is a great conversation starter and we move her around just to freak people out. No sooner did I get her and they came out with a "full figured" mannequin  <sigh> it would have made me feel so much less inadequate
I put a back light behind the "S' but it is difficult to get a picture.
Use your imagination
Funny story, well sad sort of. I looked to see what my partner liked and she hadn't filled in the space. Then I heard through the grapevine that she loved "Shell Art". Since it was something new and different for me I totally enjoyed making it for her only to find out it was the wrong person <sigh> Ya win some ya lose some. One can only hope she will like it anyway.
I had to make a 4X4 with the theme "There's a WHAT in my Garden" and this is what I came up with.
shush, he thinks he blends in and you can't see him LOL The 4X4 is an art canvas. I used Golden Brand molding paste to make some texture and then used Distressed paint. The overlay is copper paste.
Other projects are on the table so I best get too them.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


  1. OK, I will call you crazy! You are the first person I've ever known to have a mannequin in their house, that is hilarious! And a size 6??!! I don't know her and I hate her too! I've run into the same problem with my initial swap partner, she's entered 'everything' for what she likes in her profile which isn't helping me out one bit! And as far as I know, she doesn't have a blog so I can't go snooping to find out what she likes. I'll have to wing it and hope she likes it. Your gnome is adorable, love those eyes :O)

  2. Have to go look at your partner, maybe I can help.