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Friday, May 16, 2014

And the Tree's ROARED!!!

Well that's a silly title isn't it ? You're thinking 'she has really lost her mind'...
And why is she posting a picture of trees? Looking at big tall pine trees and grass with no real focal point is like looking at a blank canvass. What is she trying to say?
If I knew how to make a sound bite, you'd know what I was trying to say. For the past two days it has done nothing but rain. Very stormy with record breaking winds. The reason the picture appears a bit blurry is because the trees are moving and the howl of the wind is deafening. The roar that is produced by those trees is constant. When the trees whisper in the wind it can be rather soothing.  I like that sound. Right below those trees is my pond and it is a peaceful place to meditate. But when the tree's roar, to me, it is the sound of "Anger" if anger had a sound. So no I haven't lost my mind. I'm just venting at Mother Nature to knock it off. I want cool summer breezes and whispering pines..Oh yes and some SUNSHINE please. It's been a looooong, cold, gray winter.
I had hoped to have a bit more done today, but as always, life got in the way. Phones ringing, scanning paper work for a lawyer, just the usual stressful BS that keeps me from playing. The older I get the more play time I need and the more I resent anything standing in my way.
So all I managed to finish were the bird shaped book pages. I joined this mini album group to support a fellow member of Jeannies group ATC-Fun. The idea of this album group is to make different shaped books and swap pages for those books. So I'm thinking once I get my pages I will make covers and dress it all up and use it for perhaps a BD card or R.A.K. While I do keep swaps and put them on display, some swaps are made to share mini books and charms come to mind. I love my charms and tend to hoard them, but every once in a while I will use a few to decorate a card, bookmark or album. They are just to beautiful not to share. At the moment I am working on a method to display my charms and give them purpose. If that works, I may never share a charm again LOL Don't worry, I will show you what I've done once I do it.
So here are my book pages.

 I will send one bird to each person in the swap, there are 6 of us. When I asked about embellishments, I was reminded that they had to be mailed and I might consider weight. So they are simple (considering what I usually do) I used glitter type paper and ran it through my embossing machine (hearts)
dry brushed the hearts with gold. Added a little jewel for the eye and I cut wings from CD's and then crackled them. I love the affect don't you?I cut glitter ribbon for the top of the wing and the base of the tail and of course peacock feathers The little bird seems to call for a bow so I added it and called it done...The back is a pretty card stock with my info. I outlined the bird in 18K gold leaf and gave him a beak of the same.(If you looked earlier, your not dreaming, I did change the picture, I just needed to add a little something. You know me and my bling  and my embellishments. I just can't do "simple")
That's pretty much all I managed to totally finish. But y'all come back ya hear...I have more.

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  1. Those are adorable Kathie, what a great idea to do mini albums in different shapes! Do you cut the CD's with scissors? What a wonderful idea to use them for the wings. I know the sound you are describing very well and it is indeed an angry roar. I always know when a storm is coming because you can hear the wind roaring through the trees from miles away. Almost spooky to hear it advancing towards you! Hope you get some warm weather and sunshine soon, we've had a lovely stretch but because the first long weekend of the summer is here, it is now raining! Got a good thunderstorm out if it this afternoon though, so it wasn't a loss, love me a good thunderstorm!