A Very Merry Christmas to All

Friday, May 2, 2014

You know how it is

LOL or at least I hope by now you do . Life just has a way of screwing up my good times.
How dare these animals of mine need care and food and baths and exercise , not to mention love and affection. Where do they come off demanding such things?
Of course I jest. I get as much pleasure out of my animals as I do playing in my studio. Unfortunately, I can't so both. Then there are doctor visits to fit in along the way. It's what happens as we age...Them's the facts.
I do find myself saying "there but for the grace of God..." a lot, so I am luckier then most when it comes to health. No sense whining about it...Now if whining helped, you bet I'd do it...A LOT!! Since it doesn't, why waste the energy?
I have managed to get somethings done...or part done.
I did manage to bake 4 loaves of Irish soda bread...
Oh come on now, that's a craft in itself. As you can see by the time I got my camera, part of a loaf was already gone. Making bread helps me relax. What can I say?
I think I told you about the Charm ATC's

One group will have a Kitty kind of charm and the other a fairy charm. I'll post a pic of each when they are ready to mail. I found that Kitty on line and stuck a feather in his mouth. Does he has a cute face or what?
Heaven forbid I should sit still and do nothing while watching a class on line..Actually it's more listening then actual action at this point, so I made myself a friend.
One animal I don't have to feed...YAY ME!!! His name is Bud.
So that's about it for me. Hardly what I see as a weeks worth of work, but I've got a real clean Barn, a clean Peacock house and some well groomed goats, so that counts. I should have more to show tomorrow so come on back ya hear? Thanks for stopping by today.

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  1. Yum, Irish soda bread, haven't made that in years! Thanks for the reminder, I will have to whip some up. Love your new critter, hope he doesn't fly away!