A Very Merry Christmas to All

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Two Days in a row...WOW!!

AS you can see, I'm trying LOL
It is nothing short of a miracle that I managed to finish my "doll" . Remember, I told you about the I Dare You to make a doll from a plastic container (it could be anything as long as it was plastic. Any size)..
I had several different things in mind and decided to go with this one.
It started out life as a plastic nose spray bottle.
I first primed it then painted it in my favorite metal paint, Metal Effects Iron Paint. It actually has bits of metal in it and when sprayed with an activator it truly rust.
The arms and legs came from an old typewriter, his eyes from the mother board of a coffeemaker. His switches are a digital watch face, some watch gears and bigger clock gears. His mouth is also a watch part.
AS you can see, he can stand very well.
He also sits. Note he is highlighted now with a silver paste to define him a bit more.
He can even run when he has to. My next projects in line are a Mixed Media Initial, and some charms made from spools. I'm also working on some bird shaped pages for a mini album exchange. It just never ends around here. Add to that a former tenant getting on my last nerve and I'm needing a vacation LOL
I'm sure to have more to show you tomorrow, so come on back ya hear?

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  1. LOVE HIM! He is fabulous Kathie, you are so inventive :O)