A Very Merry Christmas to All

Monday, May 12, 2014

Another Monday

Seems like Monday is the magic day for getting here. Try as I may, every day just doesn't seem to work.
But I'm going to keep working at it. I'd love to blog each day. I'd like to show others how I do stuff like so many other BLOGs I see. Mine seems so boring in comparison.
I once saw a sign that said "A neat studio is the sign of a sick mind"...I laughed at the time and thought to myself ' well no sick mind happening at my house'...Now as I look around, I compare it to that Hoarders show. Now THAT'S a sick mind!!! There has to be a happy medium. I need to know I am not alone. Please write me and tell me I am not alone. I know  people have been unable to leave comments (not complaining,  love the e-mail) but please keep trying. Deb I see that you have no problem...Thank you for being so supportive.
Okay so here is what I have done:
In my group  mixedmediastudio@yahoo.com we also have a paper studio run by Robyn. She has a book page thing going on. I thought that might be fun so I joined.
That was fun. I think she draws a name and sends all to one person. Nice start to an art journal.
I did manage to finish my Banner.
The theme was "Winter song" so I thought the carolers were appropriate and the Christmas carol is curled on the ends of a torn sheet. It was the first time I made my own paper trim and I kind of liked it. Then I topped it with some copper trim. One day I will lay out all the ones I got...they are all so different. They should make a lovely winter display hanging from my shelf in the dining room.
I also did some work on my "doll". My monthly challenge is I dare you to make....this month is a Doll from a plastic container. All sorts of idea's ran through my head but the one I liked best was a plastic nose spray bottle. Oh stop laughing...wait until you see it LOL Then laugh.
For Mothers Day I got to spend time with my Goats. Cleaning their pen is always fun...NOT. But they are just so darn cute, it's hard not to enjoy them.
Jake ran to the fence when he heard me coming. "It's about time woman where the heck have you been?". That's what he said...really.
Harley said "YOu don't really expect me to help clean up that mess do you?". He is my quiet, shy boy.
Jake, However, is not shy and decided that helping would be fun. For him perhaps but for me hmmm I think it would have been faster without him. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful Mothers Day. Every one of my kids and grand kids remembered to send a card ON TIME. That's a first LOL They always remember but I often get them after , not before. I even won $25 (they all sent me scratch off lottery tickets. So it was a profitable Mothers Day too! Stick around and let me know what you think of my "doll". Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I'm here, I'm here and if it's any consolation, you are not alone! My craft room looks more like an episode of hoarders than those lovely spic and span pictures you see on Pinterest and my blogging is haphazard at best, daily blogging is never going to happen in my world LOL! Love your new banner and I'd love to see them all together, what group is it you are making them for? I see them on Cherie's blog as well. Can't wait to see your nose spray bottle (!!) and your drawing on the book page is great! The boys are looking in fine fettle and glad to hear you had a wonderful (and profitable!) Mother's Day.