A Very Merry Christmas to All

Thursday, March 21, 2013

More fun

Doesn't even pay to try and keep up with this Blog on a daily basis. Few people can. You either have very good time management skills or nothing better to do...neither works in my case. My time management sucks and I am busy all the time.
I do like to try and get here a few times a week just to bring you up to date. Once again I have been busy with CDA. My last challenge , oh and what a challenge it was.
We had to take a Saturday Evening Post New Years baby cover and do it in 3D clay. You all know how I love bubbles..I mean what adult sits up at the pond and blows bubbles? So I took 1927 as my front Cover and this is what I did.
I didn't have time to fix the bottle how I wanted it. I only had one day to complete it. Not my best work but quite the challenge.
Also in CDA we have a swap going called  a Mingle. You alter a tin and then put goodies in it...the goodies have to be kept secret for now but here are some of the tins I made.

I love the last one..so dark and spooky. The Steam punk one was fun with the ladies face trimmed in watch parts. Actually they are all different, sort of symbolic of the difference in my multiple personalities ROTFL
I also had an Easter Post card due. I usually make them out of fabric but I was in a strange mood and decided on a butterfly explosion, causing eggs to fly about and say Happy Easter...

Perhaps tomorrow I will have a chance to post some of the neat swaps I've received. So stay tuned :-)

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