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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Never Dull

Isn't that the name of a polish, It's also my life. of course if it was dull and boring I'd be complaining also. I'd much rather have a life that moves along.
Pain in my knee has been mounting, waiting for Orthovisc (Thanks Mr. Obama for your fabulous Obamacare) funny before Obamacare I got the shots when necessary about every 8 months. I got almost a year out of this last one, good thing too. First Medicare took it's time with reimbursement and the the company was all back logged because the demand increased. Unbelievable!!!

So I take my pain (shoulder and knees) and sneak into my studio where I immerse myself in my art. Creating  keeps the mind busy and allows me to focus on something other then hurting 24/7. if I were not so into self hypnosis, I'm not sure what I'd do. As always I have been busy trying to get gifts done and swaps on their way out the door. Another pet peeve of mine. Why don't swappers take what they do seriously? You sit there and take what others make and have no feeling of obligation to pay it forward? Says a lot about your character.
I happen to enjoy swapping (except that one stiff that comes along every so often) for the most part it's fun and the gals involved are great. So this is what I have been up to while I've been so quiet here.
One group has a monthly lottery card..The theme was "Chocolate" this was my submission.
Cute huh? Then we had a challenge. Raeven picked a theme of Victorian Romance Altered Jar, this was what I did for that one.

That's about as romantic as one can get..sweets and flowers <g> My guys over at "My Favorite Things" would go wild!!! Then in my group we had a little Dotee Doll in a match box swap and I made this:

also in my group, we had a Tea Bag fold ATC swap.

Those are what the group did. The black ones with the bling are mine.
Then over at CDA one of the challenges was "What's in My Garden". My first  thought was a Fairy (how predictable was that?) then came a Butterfly followed by a dragon fly..still much too predictable. I like to be different so I made L'Orange (he's French) he is a caterpillar that will never become a Butterfly, poor guy. But I like him just the way he is, living in my house plants. I move him around just to freak people out LOL

Another challenge in CDA is in the art doll studio and that is a Alice in Wonderland theme. I am not much of a paper doll person. As a kid all my friends had store bought paper dolls, I had to draw my own and make my own clothes...Looking back, it wasn't much fun. I was going to make the Tea Party in a cigar box, then shifted to the Queen of Hearts in a bottle...but wait!! Didn't Alice drink  something from a bottle that said "Drink Me" and shrink? Perfect...

Alice is indeed made of paper. 3/8ths of an inch tall..standing on a bed of posies cut thin from fimo cane.The bottle is less then an inch tall. Simple but right on....
Then in AFTCM there was an Alphabet swap. We got a partner and had to do her initial in an altered state.
I looked at my partners album. She is a fabulous painter but she had a framed piece of assemblage , she liked it but since it was over $1000 she settled for a picture. So I looked at the picture and brought it to the letter of her first name.

The letter is painted in a hammered metal finish, the front was rusted with a rusting technique and then the assemblage was done with broken jewelry, charms and watch parts. Everything having a meaning to me and some , I hope, for her.
That's it folks. In between I got a lovely gift from my friend Norma, actually it was a box of delightful surprises. I couldn't find my camera at the time so I will have to take a picture of the collage she made me and this adorable cage...along with some other goodies. She always spoils me with her packages.
I'd like to thank you all for prayers sent to Alison Bird, her Mom tells me she is doing well. recovery will be long so keep those prayers coming. Also add our friend Raeven to your thoughts and prayers, she is having a terrible time dealing with her pain.Jeannies daughters BF was involved n a terrible auto accident so save some prayers for David as well. Then sit and count your blessings....  See you on my next "Time to relax" day.....

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  1. Hi Sweetie,
    Love all the things you made at CDA...The cute L'Orange makes my heart skip a beat! Love him....wink,wink
    The Victorian Jar is lovely and so are the other things