A Very Merry Christmas to All

Monday, February 25, 2013

Busy, busy

Oh aren't we all ? Between my BIG BD celebration (my children all feed my addiction BTW) and all the swaps and challenges my head is spinning (more then usual).
So let me share what I have been up to so you don't think all I do is play with my animals all day.
I belong to an ATC group (I really need to post a link to Jeannies group). While I haven't been up to very involved swaps, those that require sewing and  clay..I've fed my addiction by making ATC's which I totally enjoy and find relaxing.
Jeannies group has had A LOT going on...These were for an embossing technique. Trick was to emboss the paper and then use embossing powder on just the raised design. The pictures don't really do justice to the twinkle.
These next ones are teabag folds. I could have used easier folds or even round ones (which are easier) but I like these  .
I know, they aren't the best..but with one eye and bandaged fingers they look okay. I used alcohol ink to do the background. BTW the two larger ones are the papers I purchased and I had to make them smaller..the purple one which I think turned out much better, was FREE paper off the Internet..much better and you can print the size you need.
This last set is Iris fold. I've done this many times on cards...never small enough for an ATC OMG!! I ended up sewing the card for fear it would pop open along the way..I used thin paper but it was still bulky..the end result looks okay, don't ya think?

Then we have the BD girl asking for an ATC swap that says "Surprise me" I decided on doors with a surprise fairy behind. I was going to make these little surprise envelopes I make, but if the person didn't fold it back up correctly the card would be a mess, so I went with the doors.
Then in my group we have a little mini book exchange. I asked that it be 2 and a half by 3 and a half or smaller. I made mine smaller. Cover is leather and I used my metal stamps to stamp the copper "Passwords"
Just added the little brass Kitty because I liked the look. The pages are parchment, there are 12 of them.
The idea behind this book; In today's world everything needs a password..bank accounts, credit cards, all on line groups and chat rooms..if you are like me you can never remember them or get them confused. I figure if someone writes their pass words in pencil, the book is small enough to be hidden near the computer for quick reference. Rich liked the idea so much he asked me to make him one....That's a first!!
So that's what I have been doing in ALL my spare time. Tomorrow I will show off my Book of Fairies. I am also working on a mini album for Jeannies group and two dolls for CDA. Then people wonder why I don't have time for the computer...or to organize my studio :-(
Wishing everyone a creative day!!!

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  1. Hi Sweetie,
    Hope you are feeling better now.
    You have done so much!
    Wow, no wonder you don't know "if you are going or coming!" LOL
    I can see you have really gotten into ATC making. Love those teabag folds ATC's, the fairies behind the doors and your Passwords little book.
    Hugs and take time out to BREATH! LOL