A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where have I been?

Actually I have been right here. My family decided to turn my Birthday into a week long celebration which was great. I got to spend time with them . When Karen was here we worked on a scrapbook for her brothers 50th BD. Then they left after 4 days and Robyn showed up with her crew. She and I worked on some swaps I wanted to get done..She is great as cutting and antiquing while I "create".
Those pictures will get posted a bit later.
Just in case you think I live a quiet, normal dull life I want to tell you about yesterdays adventure.
I got a call from the Fed Ex guy saying he couldn't make it up the driveway, could he leave the package at the bottom of the mountain. I told him  I'd be right down and away I went...no problems. I did notice a drift but no big deal.
On the way back up I was doing fine until I hit the drift at the steep slope , the car came to a stop and proceeded to slide backward. I had absolutely no control , no emergency brake..nothing. So I just went with it. Once midway down I was able to stop and decided to try the grass. That never gets the amount of snow (because of drifting) that the driveway does. So off I went and all was going great until I once again hit that steep slope. Once again the Jeep came to a stop and proceeded to slide back down only this time, side ways..it picked up speed and I saw the tree line approaching rather fast. The tree line designates a cliff with quite a drop so needless to say I was happy when the car stopped. Whew!
Bound and determined to navigate the driveway from hell, I decided to go up the grass on the other side..Took off like a bat out of hell, thought I was going to make it too, but I started losing steam as I got to the steep slope and once again the Jeep rolled backward. Now that side of the drive is  lined with pine trees. With no control and the car heading for them I just turned the wheel as much as I could and prayed. The car turned to it's side and came to rest pretty much where I started from the  past 2 times...
I'm sure by now you think me some sort of idiot. I was thinking the same so I  decided to hike up the driveway and get the Jeep another time...Off I went plodding through the snow in slippers..Oh stop laughing... no gloves either. I was doing fine until I reached that steep slope...seems me and the car both lost traction at that point, so like the car, I too began to slide backward, totally out of control.
I didn't want to come down on my knees so I twisted and fell on my butt where I proceeded to fly down the driveway at warp speed..Didn't I say to stop laughing? I suddenly realized as my slippers flew off, that if I passed the car, I'd really be in trouble. The world was a blurr that was passing by quickly so I reached for a pine tree branch. I'm here to tell you, grabbing a branch at about 40 MPH without gloves is a big OUCH!!! But I did stop and only had to crawl a little ways up to retrieve my slippers. By then of course my feet were iced over, my hands were blue and I was soaking wet...I slid a bit more controlled back to the car at which point I saw the MULE cresting the hill at the top of the slope. The cavalry of one had arrived...20 min. later after the backhoe dug that drift out, I drove up that mountain like it wasn't even there.
THE END and how was your day? This picture makes the driveway look much tamer then it actually is. It only shows a third of the driveway, but the part you see, half way up is pretty much where all the action happened. The car as well as me would have been hidden by those trees in the front of the picture. Are you still laughing?


  1. LOLOLOL... You are hilarious!!!
    My question for you is; was the package from Fed-Ex worth it?

  2. Well, let me ask you this.Would an ATC die cut be worth a torn rotator cuff LOL I am guessing when I am popping out ATC's like a mad woman the answer would be yes...Love ya!!