A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

BLOG gets nutty

Maybe it's me or maybe it's this Blog but nothing seems to be working today.
So I will carry on, keeping a positive  thought that it will publish like it is supposed to.

I had hoped to get a lot done yesterday. That didn't happen LOL What else is new?
So let me see if I can at least post some more pictures of what I've been doing.

WOW!! It actually worked.The top pic is a doll pin I got from Doll Street Dreamers (the pattern) I just liked it because it was crazy , I'm crazy and so is my friend Norma so I sent it to her LOL
I also sent her an altered spoon with a little baby sleeping. I love doing those spoons...not always with babies , but just playing with wire and beads. I think I may make some to take to Paducah.
I received a real sweet Post Card and Valentine book yesterday so maybe I'll take some pictures of those and share.
I do hope everyone has a lovely day.....

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