A Very Merry Christmas to All

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life Happens

And aren't we lucky that it does? Although sometimes I think I can live without the drama my life seems to attract .
I have not posted here because I had to return to the Island. I had some short term rental in there. Agents that came to assess the damage caused by sandy all over the Island. Thought I was doing a service but as it turns out, once again I am facing unpaid utility bills, cable bill etc. If one more person tells me "there is a special place for me in heaven" I will choke them. How saintly is that? No good deed goes unpunished has now become my mantra.
Still, I will continue to give and continue to help people. Why? Trust me, I ask that question every time I get  stepped on and ground into the pavement. Am I a masochist or just stupid? Maybe I just don't want the ugliness of this world to change who I am or what my heart tells me is "the right thing to do"...
So now I am back, once again to head out to my studio determined to get it organized or die in the attempt LOL
Yes it would probably go faster if I didn't join swaps or busy myself with my groups. However, they are all so supportive of me, it is very hard not to join them when they have a swap. So I will continue to try and fit it all in. I have given up some other things that took a great deal of my time. I had to prioritize and my art makes me happy, so that's what I will concentrate on. If anyone has a problem with that, I guess that would fall into the category of "who cares". It's time to keep Kathie happy ...<shudder> that's hard for me to even say without getting goose bumps. It sounds so selfish.
So what have I been doing in all that spare time I have LOL trying to finish up Christmas gifts along with swaps..Gifts are still a WIP but here are some finished swaps.

This was a Valentine swap. The book is made from one piece of paper that form the book plus little pockets. Also makes a great card. I filled the pockets with little cards and cut outs and charms and sent it along to my partner .

This is a "Healing Goddess" pin doll...another swap that I totally enjoyed. She carries a ribbon of HOPE.
I have other things to show, but my BLOG thing is not cooperating so perhaps tomorrow.
I just spent half a day  on the phone trying to straighten out some business so I think I will try and spend some time at play. That always lifts my spirits.
For those of you who have written me regarding Alison Bird. She is home, but her surgery did not go well and she is in a great deal of pain. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. This is a darling person that would give you the shirt off her back. She certainly does not deserve all she is going through. Her family also expresses their thanks to all of you for your prayers.
I hope you all have a fabulous productive day!!!

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