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Sunday, February 10, 2013

I have to be the worst Blogger in History

I always have it in my mind to post here at least once a day. To share what I'm up to or a new technique I have found.
Unfortunately by the time I cull through and delete all the silliness, then answer mentoree's and mail from friends, then check on my own groups plus those I belong to...my day is half over and my projects await.

What roads to where are paved with the best of intentions?
So this is what I have been up to. I can't show you gifts in the works, but these are swaps:
Over at Jeannies group I did February (my birth month) ATC's, they are 3 D but it doesn't show very well.
The color was purple, but I guess you guessed that already huh? Also at Jeannies I joined the St. Pattys Day ATC swap
They were put in their little clear envies and sent on their way.
On my site we had a Post Card swap hosted by Norma, so this is what I did for that one which goes to Edwina.
The heart is a pocket and it's filled with Valentines plus heart shapes lollies.
Then on LuAnns group I decided to join the dotee doll swap. What fun that was. This was a Valentine dotee doll swap and I decided to give her a home. She is going to Belinda tomorrow.
She lives in the matchbox. I love her!! I also love the PC I got in return , plus the book I received. You remember the book made from one piece of paper, with pockets? This is the one I got in return...
cool huh? IT had lots of little goodies tucked in the pockets.
The my Valentine postcard from Edwina
Plus a beautiful hand made card..That's all for now folks. For those of you who know Cherie, check out the awesome doll she made for a swap. It turned out gorgeous.

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  1. Happy Birthday !!!!!!! I thought I'd come over here and say all the best:)