A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, January 26, 2013


I just got done reading some of the postings on other BLOGs...everyone is just so busy and getting things done and here I sit :-( Well I'm not really sitting. I'm running around like a whirling dervish, just not accomplishing anything.
So  I visited my Aunt who decided to clean out her basement. Oh you know where this is going don't you?
She used to work in the garment district in NY city, need I say more? She spent her lunch hour in all sorts of neat places. The one I like best is her stash from a button company. What great buttons she picked up, some one of a kind because they were samples for clothing manufactures. She had everything stored in these fabulous vintage tins. What a haul.
Of course Hubby isn't happy LOL "More Crap". I don't say that about his tools and screws and nuts and bolts and stuff...in fact when I'm in the Steam punk mood, I sort of like his stuff. I look at it as recycling.
Some things smell musty so unless I can get the smell out..I'm thinking Landfill contribution. Makes me sad but...
Mean while I continue to work on my studio and try and finish up gifts I started before Christmas. I was supposed to finish a gift a month. Lousy start :-( Oh that was for next year BTW.
So no pictures...unless you want WIP which I'm not inclined to share. So no pictures. Maybe tomorrow.
I'm still missing my Susan. Her son sent me this photo shopped picture. Susan loved them, there was a place in her Mall that made them. This one has her face on this trim body and a bubble on top saying "Finally a diet that works!" That was Susan and a perfect remembrance . She struggled with weight her whole life and together we tried every diet imaginable, she always gave up when I lost my first 20 pounds and she gained 3 . She would actually sit there eating cake and say to me "I don't know why this diet isn't working for me"..That was Susan. Someone recently suggested I make a fairy house dedicated to Susan..great Idea..it will have lots of books and lots of 45 records, totally decorated in red and for sure some diet books laying next to a bag of chips and some cake LOL Oh, did you not know I make custom fairy houses?

So Kai made a lovely Frog hat for her grandson..It's a beauty Kai, lots of cards and stuff at jingles, Norma and Mary also have been busy...Sheesh I feel like such a failure. Congrats to Raeven...which reminds me..with all this spare time I have I decided to join a gym so if you can't reach me on Tues. and Thus. from 4 to 6 that's where I am. Felt good to get back on a treadmill, I truly love exercise and I've missed it. Maybe I can knock off this baby fat...oh my, now I sound like Susan LOL ah the memories.
Also I think I asked this in my groups but let me ask here. My friends daughter is having some serious surgeries regarding a very touchy spinal situation close to her brain. She has been in lots of pain and I think some extra prayers might help...so if you can give the name of Alison Bird up to whom ever you pray to..There is only one power so they will get to where they need to be.
Find your happiness in art today....

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