A Very Merry Christmas to All

Friday, January 18, 2013

A New Day

I took a long meditating walk this morning and one quote kept running through my mind "Do not cry because it's over, rejoice because it was". As I recalled all the special times I spent with Susan, even once we were separated by distance, we still managed to visit in person or on the phone. She was only here last year for a visit . We were up all night laughing about old times. Death can not rob me of my happy memories, so I dried my tears and hold her in my heart until "later" comes.

I think, hope, I found a way to by pass this picture issue so let me see if it works. I really want to share my Risque Santa (Susan almost wet herself) Of course I can't show you all the pictures, there are some friends I fear may take offense , but you all know me as being a bit crazy so you'll just have to accept what I DO share.

Oh stop it!! You never saw a hind end before? Susan said it was like looking in a mirror.<Big smile>
All the pic's that Raeven chose were fabulously funny.
I have a dark side that I truly love exploring. I've come to find out many of us have a side that is "strange or weird" by some standards. Tough...I enjoy that side of me that  seeks witches and goblins, spells and mystery...Fairies and wood sprites..My inner child is playful and I love her.

I would like to share all the pages Raeven made for this book. They are fabulous. So much work. So much attention to detail and so appreciated. Each thing I receive from on-line friends just brings them closer. I treasure all my little surprises and they bring me comfort each day I enter my studio or look around my house. Oh yes, some of you are on display in my living room, kitchen, walls, end tables. Your work is admired by many people.
We have this meandering book going around. I recently completed 4 pages (each of us were to do 4 pages) in one of the books. I know this person and she likes owls, she also is intrigued by Steampunk so this is what I did:

My little steam punk Owl appears to be in love.
The heart says "Not what you see, but how you see it" The owl is made of watch parts, my first attempt and I loved it.
My Steampunk lady "she walks in beauty" is very 3D
although it doesn't show that way. Lots of texture
So those are my pages and I think that's enough show and tell for one day. I have many things almost completed so stick around. Has anyone checked out CDA yet. I have a Challenge on there. A book made of CD's that I think you all may enjoy. It doesn't cost anything to join CDA. You get to keep what you make unless you WANT to swap and it truly challenges the brain. There are 4 Challenges going right now so go check them out. I'm still doing a slow burn over the swap partner I had that totally ignored me on AFTCM so I've been quiet. I love that group and it is truly a shame that a few can spoil things for so many.
Wishing you all a very happy day!!!


  1. Love your Steampunk pages. The owl you made from the watch parts is fabulous:)

  2. Thank you Mary Ann, you are always so supportive...