A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The 14 Day Flu

YIKES!! Has anyone else had to deal with this "Flu from Hell"? I thought I had the start of a cold, stuffiness, achy, scratchy throat. Then Bang, it was like being hit by a truck, a truck that backed up and ran over me a few times.
For the past few days I have felt alive again, but still tired.
I was notified this morning that one of my oldest and dearest friends pasted away. Only last week we were making plans for me to fly down to see her. She was going to Europe and I was going to stay and watch her elderly dog..Perhaps get to visit some  friends I have made on line that live in the area. She was in the very best of health. I have made it a rule in my life to never pass up the opportunity to tell people you care about how you feel. Tomorrow sometimes may be too late. So while I am shocked and saddened , I am also happy that when we spoke, we parted as always with, I love you girlfriend and we never said good-bye , "see ya later", never good-bye.
Susan, my sweet friend, was always interested in my art groups. She admitted to having no talent at all (trust me she wasn't fibbing )when it came to art. However, that woman could sit at a piano and play any song she had every heard. never had a lesson in her life. It was a gift I envied. Over 40 years of friendship and never an argument, cross word or misunderstanding. I will Miss you Susan.

I played Secret Santa to Raevan (in AFTCM group) making sure she got boxes of goodies along the way and books off her wish list. Raeven in turn made me two of the most outstanding books. I had set up a Secret Santa e-mail so I could find out things and one thing we realized along the way was that we shared a bit of a dark side, both books reflect our commonality of liking "different" things. I couldn't wait to share these with Susan (my friend who passed). I always share my gifts and swaps with her and the more unusual, the bigger kick she gets out of them. Imagine her delight when I shared my 'rique' Santa album...
Well I just tried to add pictures and that little picture icon doesn't work the way it once did. Now I only have a choice of PHONE, BLOG, WEBCAM etc. So I guess I will be looking for a new BLOG venue. If I can't share pictures, I'm not staying on this one thats for sure. I also wanted you to see the fabulous "Spine Tingler" Book Raeven made up. A ton of work and talent that should be shared.
I will also have several projects that are near completion that I wanted to share. So unless I find out whats going on...this Blog will be history very shortly.
For now I will get back to work. I missed the Greek Christmas too. So I guess I will just have to depend on the understanding of friends and family. At least it will be a surprise LOL


  1. We had the flu here too. Not fun:(

    You're the second person I've seen that is having problems loading pictures on their blog. I have no problems because I upload from my hard drive. So far so good.

  2. Thanks Maryann, nice to know I'm not alone. I am trying Google as my browser so maybe that will help.It's always something :-)