A Very Merry Christmas to All

Monday, November 14, 2011

I give up LOL

I really need to quit trying to get here on a daily basis. All I do is stress myself out..Once I start working...either running or working in my studio, the time just flies and by night fall the computer is just a blur. I think until Christmas, every day postings are out of the question...but hey, it could happen so keep checking on me :-)
In one of the Mixed media groups I belong to we have a Santa Swap going on. It could be anything from an embellishment , to a card, PC, ATC, tag...what ever. Just a little token of friendship during this gift giving Holiday time of year. So let me share with you the happy mail I have gotten thus far...drum roll please:
The first piece of Happy mail I opened was from Donnalee...Look at all this darling stuff. She made a door hanger with a 3D base that went right on my guestroom door. She also sent some cool embellishments...little dresses shoes etc. Then in her Christmas card she also included trivia cards. What a fun package, Thank you Donnalee. I was so excited I couldn't wait to tear into Denise's envelope....look what I found..

Those of you who know me know it made me smile when I saw purple and those of you who really know me, know what my favorite combo is. Does this purple and green altered domino scream KATHIE or what ? I wore it the same day I got it and got two compliments..Thank you Denise Well lookie here...a surprise from Sandi...what could it be?
Is that a cutie or what? It is an altered matchbox that will hang on my tree..Inside was this cute little  snowflake and an adorable snowman charm that went right on my purse (now I'm decorated for Christmas LOL) Thank you Sandi...WOW!! another envelope...what could this be?
Unfortunately I need a better camera. From far away you really can't tell what it is and from close up it's one big blur of copper...It is a cooper embellishment that says LIVE....perfect for an altered book I'm working on...Thank you Cheryl
Was that fun or what? There are 11 of us in the swap, which means you get to oh and ahhh 6 more times with me...so keep checking. I am also waiting for my Steam punk charm swap and my step card swap...I'll post as soon as they arrive. Can you tell I'm having fun with my groups? Of course I have to work on Christmas in the mean time. This is a busy time of year...There is also coat and food collections and the toy drop and people devastated by the flood to worry about. Yes it is a busy time of year...
In between all the running around I am getting ready for other swaps coming due real soon... I'll give you a sneak peek at my stocking swap that isn't finished yet...Can't show you all my pictures at once or there won't be any surprises LOL I just Love this time of year.....

The stocking will be decorated with some 3D snow flakes and some Swarvorski crystals (you know me and my bling) I also have another idea...I won't say right now because I'm not sure it will work...but if it does it should finish it off nicely and simply....

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