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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tiny Bag Tutorial

The fabric I used for this bag was just so it would show up and it is NOT the fabric I will be using for the swap. Of course there are many ways to make a small bag and I am in a very talented group so I'm sure they have their own idea's. However, some people just like to get it done and then work on embellishing and adding their own personality...So this tutorial is for you. After you look at it for a while, you will see it lends itself to many idea's. My original idea was to create a small bag that would hold several ATC's.

1-Start out with a piece of fabric cut 4" wide by 9 " long (if you want a deeper bag cut it to 10 1/2)
Fold over each short end 1/4 inch- press- then fold over 1/4 inch again. This will give the top of your bag a nice finished look. If you'd like to add a handle now is a good time.Sew this seam. I measured in 1" from either side for my handle. My cord was cut to 5" but the handle can be short or very long  or no handle at all.
Fold the bag in half so that sewn tops are even and stitch along both sides.(Right sides together)
With bag still right sides together, bring side seams together so there are points at the bottom of the bag...Make sure both side seams are even and point seams are even, press the points. This can also be done with Paper only you would have right sides facing out and at this point, the points would be glued and folded under the bag.
Take a ruler and draw a line that measures one inch across the bag and sew on that line.

Leave about an 1/8 inch from sewn line and cut off point

Turn right side out and your little bag is ready to become a work of art. Fill it with trinkets, or candy or even several ATC's for your friend who collects them...It is limitless...as it is, depending on the embellishments on the ATC's this little bag will hold at least 5 or 6. Hope this helps.....

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