A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm so Blessed

I truly am...I have the dearest , sweetest friends anyone can hope to have...Sweet cards always make me smile and I got  lots for my BD, I also got some very thoughtful gifts. Even though my BD was last month, people are still remembering me...Pretty much how I work BD's...I send BD gifts when I finish them, which isn't always on a persons BD...Sorry :-( But when the shoe is on the other foot I just LOVE it.
Yesterday my friend Sue gave me a hat and gloves she finally finished knitting...guess what color?? PURPLE!! Yay me! Today I thought one of my 'orders had arrived' asked Rich to open the box for me while I prepared lunch. He just cut the tape. I couldn't figure out why my order would be sent in red tissue paper...What a surprise to open it and find a lovely card and a doll made for me by Norma...The doll has beautiful beaded Butterfly Wings and has a Butterfly in her hand, She wears a heart around her neck and even has a bracelet on her arm.... Norma is one of those people that just send things now and then, just to brighten someones day and make them smile. This was a BD surprise that was obviously made with a lot of love. The doll told me her name was Tippy, I figure it's because she stands on Tippy toes. Hey, when my dolls talk, I listen...
And then we have this...What the heck??? A rotted Ostrich egg? Misshapen bowling ball?

Guess you'll just have to check back and see now. Won't you?

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