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Monday, March 26, 2012

Is that a fish? How small is small?

LOL Now that I have your attention. The new group has picked up some, with new artist signing up each day. None of us are giving up our swap groups or Blogs, but the group is a better way to know quickly, whats going on. So if you have a give away going on or a special swap you might need people for, check out the new group because that's what it's there for. For busy artist that just can't check every BLOG . I know I can't and I'm not alone.
Mean while we had a swap over at Tole Grannys. Had to take a puzzle piece or pieces and do something with  it. Alter it....so...my first  thought was to do a black and white theme, puzzles changing from black to white and a very colorful one in the center with a quote "Dare to be different" mid way I got this flash. There was a piece of puzzle that I had put together and it just reminded me of a fish...Did I mention this swap had to be a 4X4 ? So this is what I came up with:
Kinda cute huh? I get in these silly moods and no matter how I try I just can't do serious.
Now for my friend Rainer in New Zealand. You asked to see miniatures  so this pic is for you...

I'll show you the really amazing part tomorrow.....

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