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Monday, March 5, 2012

Recent swaps

I know I have been dragging my feet with posting pictures of what I'm working on.....I am sure I am not the only artist (using that term very loosely ) who needs to be inspired. Perhaps there are people who can wake up every day and get right to creating. That would not be me. I have to take walks, sit by my pond and watch nature in action, take a twig in my hand and close my eyes and feel it, see it in my minds eye and then see what it can become.
Lately I have been so consumed with swaps that I feel I am relying on idea's I have seen in other places. Not that I copy. It is not my intention to copy  the work of other people. But if I am stressed or worried about something and fail to take my walks or meditate up at my pond (and yes I do it even in winter providing I don't have to sit in 3 feet of snow) I feel stale, uninspired and drained.
So now that I feel back in control, managing to fit "Me time" into my day. I hope my work will become more involved, more artsy, more "me".
My ATC group has a few swaps going on. I like ATC's as little mini canvasses ...but I would prefer more art work. Hope that improves in time...but for now I have my St. Patty's Day exchange and my Steampunk cards..(I don't really have them but I do have pictures)

The steampunk cards do actually have gears on them, aside from the stamp. Like most pictures, the actual object is better to look at. I notice my little Shamrocks look black in the picture, when in fact they sparkle and are Kelly Green. I did manage to find the sleeves (Thank you Dear SIL) so at least the cards look a bit more professional.
Wendy over at Ravenwoodwimzies recently had a Bunny Hop swap. I really agonized over this Bunny. My partner lives far away and I wanted it to be special (I guess I like all my swaps to be special because I agonize over every one LOL) My Partner is a Quilter, not a doll maker. Taking that into consideration , I went for my Quilted Bunny...a Bunny I actually designed on my own a million years ago. I had an antique quilt of my Grandmothers and wanted a little something I could share with members of the family. That Bunny was small...This swap required me to make a bigger pattern but I was so happy to work with my well loved and well worn  "Nana" quilt. I also found what I felt was the perfect button from my antique collection. It is metal and has all these adorable little Spring flowers. I wanted to use antique lace but the quilt is so bright and un stained..I had to go with new lace. I wasn't going to post a picture because my partner didn't get it yet...but I realize the REAL doll is nothing like the picture LOL so I'm going to post it anyway. Even if she does follow my Blog, she will be surprised with the contents.

The quilt pattern was originally a Dresden Plate. I hope it makes her smile.
In an effort to get my life back in order I have to turn my computer off. So if some of you have noticed that I'm not quite as fast as I once was at answering. That is why...The computer sucks the time right out of my life and my art is being influenced by it...I don't like that. Not that I don't like learning, sharing and enjoying other peoples work...I do..but I feel like I've been submerged in a pool of other peoples thoughts and kind of left my own on the surface. I need to spend more time with ME... How about YOU? Do you ever feel a bit lost in your world of creativity?

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