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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Chain Stay

I have gotten a lot of request for instructions on the Chainstay I created (and hubby made).
I know there are people who would rather make things themselves then purchase one already made.
As for me, I don't mind purchasing something that is made in the USA and has some quality workmanship (not plastic from China). With this thought in mind, I end up making a lot of my own "helping tools"
This is what you will need:

a piece of wood 1X4. The one you see is 16" long because I was experimenting. The one we sell is 10 inches long.
Two pieces of one inch dowel. We use one inch for a reason, thin doweling has a tendency to bend in after a while if you hand too much weight. I want stability. The dowels you see have held weight for weeks and as you see they are as straight as an arrow. Use thinner ones if you like.

Two alligator clips. We have tried different clips, they simply do not work at holding things firmly..if you are worried about marks on a chain just wrap the chain with some tissue paper. I use this thing for more then just a chainstay, so these are the only clips I recommend.

You will need a drill the same size as your doweling . Mine is over kill. The one we sell has 3 holes, 2 to each side one in the middle, just in case you have something real short to hold. For the most part I use the two holes spaced 9" apart.
screw, do not glue your alligator clips to the top of the dowel. WE wrap the bottom of the dowel for an extra tight fit. Not necessary, I just like it better.

That's it folks. measure your board and cut, drill your holes, cut your dowel and add clips, insert dowel and you have the best chainstay. If you'd rather I make one for you, e-mail me at Kangel811@aol.com and you will have it in a couple of days. If you have any questions on making your own, just ask.
Good luck and don't forget to send me pictures of your finished project.


  1. Thanks Kathie - Great instructions! What a handy little gadget :) Of course I'm thinking 'easy enough to make' but I know I'll never get around to it lol. How much do you charge for one of your creations?

  2. Cris, I see you up date your blog almost as often as I do LOL We sell the chain stay for $10. But I'd love to see if you've made one.