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Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Times

I should be posting pictures of all the fun projects I've completed (bwahahahaha I crack me up). I do in fact have some projects on the drawing board but I took a little sabbatical when my son, his wife and daughter showed up... Karen (my DDIL) is also a friend, she is game for just about anything so we always have a fun visit.
On Saturday we went to a Harvest Fest (one I should have been a vendor in but took family first) WE managed to hit 3 booths and we were out of money LOL First was the church peanut brittle booth, then the Magic Quilt Booth, Karen doesn't sew, so she loves them. Then to my favorite the silver and mineral booth. While there I got to talking to a woman who told me all about the Herkimer Diamond Mines...I do not live far away and have always wanted to go there...but life goes on and we grow up and forget about dreams of diamonds (they are really very unique quartz crystals) Karen and Krista seemed interested and before we knew it, we were off buy pails and shovels and garden rakes and headed for Herkimer County.
WE didn't find the place the lady told us about, but we did find Ace of Diamonds..So much for our little "baby" tools. We drive up to see a few people with sledge hammers and picks and huge buckets....Karen and Krista left their pails in the car...I didn't care who laughed at me...I paid 30 cents for that pail, it was coming with me LOL Karen got to hammering (we rented equipment) while I parked the car...She was eager to find treasure. I found them and grabbed a rock and whack the thing broke open to a beautiful glittering crystal. People actually stopped what they were doing when a lady yelled OMG!!! Look at the size of that...and did it sparkle in the sun. It was worth the 50 year weight. Next to it was a smaller one but crystal clear and perfect. The Herkimer diamond is actually a clear quartz that nature has cut with 18 faceted sides...the bubbles you see in my big one is not a fracture, but gas bubbles captured within the crystal. It is a perfect specimen.
We also went pumpkin picking and worked on putting fabric kits together for the 10 Quilt Magic things she bought...but the high point of my week-end was definitely hitting the mother load in Herkimer...we found lots of small ones too...
So me showing off my finished works of art will just have to wait...allow me to show off my find instead

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  1. Hi Sweetie,

    So happy that you are doing well and having fun. Love the crystals.