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Monday, October 8, 2012

Saying Good Bye to a Friend

His name is Red and oh what a friend he has been. Not just to me, but to every living thing that touched his life.
He was a big guy and I enjoyed our walks in the woods, hanging out at the barn or just watching him entertain the goats and Emma, up until last year.
He missed Emma when she passed, we all did . They used to spend a lot of time together and his heart was broken when he lost her. I don't think he ever recovered from that loss.
He was never himself after Emma, but he continued to watch over his little buddies and he continued to brush his face against me as a sign of his affection. I noticed he seemed to be getting tired, resting more then usual.
Last Sunday I knew his time had come. There was this connection we had and I felt him slipping away.
I sat with him and told him how much I loved him, how I wish he could stay with me forever. I told him he'd me missed and to give Emma my love. I stroked my friend for hours, my gentle giant. I finally left him sleeping, sure he would not wake in the morning.
Monday came and there he was, standing by the gate to greet me. I cheered and gave him a big hug...So happy to get to see his face one more day. Instead of turning him to pasture I opened the barn and together we walked our walk for one last time. He stood in the shade of the tree's and nibbled on some grass, the first he had eaten in two days. he walked down to the pasture fence and the goats came running over to see him..he whispered, they looked at him and gave a little sound , then walked away.
As we walked back to the barn I talked to him and in that conversation asked him to please stay out of his stall. It would be very hard to extract him from where his stall was located...He just gave a little winnie and  nuzzled me one last time.He did not return to his stall, he made things very easy for Rich and Art to bury him next to his beloved Emma.. My heart is broken, not for Red, he had a good, full life with me, he was well loved and cared for, I cry for me simply because it's hard to say good-bye to a friend.

I fell so far behind for the Harvest fest and everything else over this  past week. Just couldn't seem to pull it all together.
It was bitter cold and raining for the Harvest Fest. People stayed home. I consider myself lucky that I sold what I did. It really didn't matter because it went right back to the Cancer Society, but I can think of better ways I'd rather spend my day then freeze me arse off. Now it is on to finish swaps, make  challenges and prepare for Christmas. Oh and I have one more trip to the Island ugh!!
Life does go on doesn't it?
Rest in Peace my dear , sweet Friend....

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  1. Oh Kathie, My heart goes out to you, Saying Good-Bye for a while, I really believe our 4 legged loved ones do go to heaven , because they gave always unconditional Love and God is also unconditional Love.Thank You for writing such a beautiful tribue for your Red, I walked with you.
    Hugzs Sherrie