A Very Merry Christmas to All

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Crazy week-end

I did get some things completed and will post pictures tomorrow. Oh I guess I can at least post the magnetic bookmarks I made for a swap.
They were fun and they work great in a book...well I guess any book mark works great huh?
My daughter took my swap tin...It was for a Fairy Paradise. She collects fairies, even ones that weren't meant for her. So that one flew our the door and I had to make another...

The cover sparkles. Just what you'd expect from a fairy. All boxes need a wishing stone, this one is blue glass.

The fairy is enjoying her little Butterfly friend. I have to include a Butterfly in anything I do...you all know that :-) Couldn't you just get lost in a fantasy looking at her? I love making Fairy boxes. Her story will be on the bottom of the box...They have to have a story...right?
That's all for now, but I've made  Garden Journey Book and  I have another box started..It's about wings :-)
Have a wonderful evening!!

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  1. Hi Sweetie,
    Oh those bookmarkers are great (wink,wink) and the tin is beautiful!